18 August 2006

Stories from 18 August 2006

Transparency is Promoted and Debated in the Brazilian Election Process

  18 August 2006

The call for transparency is ringing in the Lusosphere these days. Brazilian presidential and general elections are six weeks from now and, after the innumerable corruption scandals involving congressmen and executive officials, the push for truth has become a vigorous movement on the Internet. The issue was on top of...

DRC: Louis Michel's Performance as a Mediator

  18 August 2006

According to Ndjoli Bodjenga at Le Blog du Congolais (Fr) European Commissary Louis Michel has performed poorly as a mediator during the transition to elections in the DRC: “An impartial political mediator would not overtly confront one of the principal actors of the conflict to be solved; he would not...

DRC: A Wasted Election?

  18 August 2006

At Le Blog du Congolais, Ndjoli Bodjenga assesses the recent election as follows (Fr): “The posh crowd from the international community (Miche, Okala, Barosso, Swing, etc.) is happy to have organized co-called elections and to have prioritized the participation of the 3 local warlords. (…) Elections that could have made...

Latin America: Friday Poll Numbers

  18 August 2006

Support of Peru's Alan Garcia, mounting indecision in Ecuador, expansion support for the Panama Canal, and fraud in Mexico City. Yup, it's Boz's Friday Poll Numbers.

El Salvador: Solving the Gang Problem

  18 August 2006

Insprired by the death of two young boys by a neighboring gang, Tim Muth has an unforgettable four piece series on El Salvador and Central America's gang problem. Print it out, come back to it throughout the weekend, but don't let it pass you by. (Parts 1, 2, 3, and...

Cuba: Sweet 15

  18 August 2006

Robin Thom had the good fortune to be on the right balcony at the right time in order to capture this lovely scene on the Paseo de Prado in Havana, Cuba. “I had always assumed this was a wedding,” writes Robin on his Flickr page, “but it was pointed out...

Peru: Ollanta Humala formally charged in ‘Madre Mia’ case

  18 August 2006

Living in Peru writes that Ollanta Humala has been formally charged in the forced disappearance and homicide of spouses Avila Rivera and Benigno Sullca Castro on June 17, 1992 in Pucayacu, ten minutes away from Madre Mia. Maxwell A. Cameron has posted the entre article in Spanish.

Lebanon: Before and After the Cease Fire

Cease fire in the Israeli-Lebanese war officially began on Monday 14th August. Enteries in the Lebanese blogosphere were diverse starting from what went on during the last days of the war to predictions and analysis about the political consequences of the war on Lebanon. Some bloggers wrote about the effect of this conflict on their personal lives and attitudes. Others wrote about the reaction of their Jewish friends during the war. There are also some war jokes, anecdotes and war dialogues. Blogging and the reading of blogs turned out to be a source of solace and therapy for at least one blogger.

Iran: Jahanbegloo & Confession

Agh Bahman says it seems Ramin Jahanbegloo's, jailed philosopher; confession film will be broadcasted on TV. The blogger says he wants to see Iranian people reaction to this confession film. Will they believe that or not or just a part of that? The blogger adds Iranian people are not really...

Estonia: “Democracy in Action”

  18 August 2006

In preparation for Estonia's presidential election, Giustino of Itching for Eestimaa decides to annoy municipal representatives of political parties and thus show “democracy in action“: “So for the next eleven days I will be putting up the contact information for different municpalities, starting with the capital of Tallinn.”