Hungary, Poland: Crime Roundup

Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar writes about the deportation of ex-con Gabor Magosztovics (aka Joe Dinardo, aka Ironman “during his heavyweight boxing career”) from Canada to Hungary. The beatroot writes about Scottish teenagers being punished for attacks on Polish immigrants with a trip to Poland. Our Man in Gdansk writes about the arrest of a 48-year-old surgeon of the General Surgery and Transplant Clinic of the Medical Academy of Lublin: “When the police arrested the drunk and searched his apartment they found, in true journalistic cliched style, a ‘veritable arsenal’ of pistols, machine guns and rifles.”


  • Tina D

    About ten yrs ago I found my birth mother who gave me up for adoption when she was fifteen. All she remembered about my father was that he was a registered heavy weight boxer at the landsdown club in Toronto named Joe. Since thewn I’ve asked anyone I met involved in the club. WELL! I hit pay dirt last weekend when I got the name Joe Dinardo, called my mom and asked her if that could be it. She was certain it was and I could hear it in her voice. There is a catch however, it turns out that he was deported to Hungary summer 06. I feel closer than i’ve ever been yet further also. I know he didn’t want anything to do with me at the time and have no idea how he would feel now, but I’d sure like to have a look at him! I’m not asking anything of him but contact and to know if I have brothers or sisters? Any one who could give me any more info, please respond. If you are uncomfortable doing that, could you please pass my info to him? I turned out to be a pretty interesting person with a fairly colourful past myself, no kids, no hubby, a good job, but a bit of a void where my biological father would be…………..TINA D

    • Gina

      Hello Tina,

      Are you still looking for Joe Dinardo? If so, contact me a.s.a.p. I am his daughter, and am very interested in talking with you.

      • richard atkinson

        Gina, I am writing my autobiograhpy ‘Dirty Tricks Gang’ and write about your father who had shown me some boxing moves and whom I knew from prison, landwone gym and the streets of Toronto. I would like to know how he is doing. He had a picture of us taken when I was 19 or twenty. I wonder if he has it still. Give him my email… richard Atkinson i hope all is well with you and family.

    • Gina

      Hi Tina,

      Are you still looking for your father?
      Please contact me, a.s.a.p.. I am his daughter, too.


      • Tina

        Gina, Hello! Sorry i didn’t respond earlier but I just noticed your reply. Wow, I guess things are going to get interesting from here on. I figured I’d have family from Joe’s side. From what I’ve leaned of him he was (is?) quite the womanizer. Are you in contact with him? Is he aware of me? Other sisters and brothers? I’m in the west end of Toronto and would love to meet. Tina

        • Gina

          Hi Tina,

          I am so relieved, and grateful for your response. I thought that you may not get my comment, considering that it has been years since your original comment.

          I would love to continue this conversation with you, in privacy. Please send me your phone number to my email:

          Yes, I am in contact with my father. He is doing good, and he is very very interested in knowing more about you. He has been talking alot about it since we become aware of your comment. He will be very happy to know that you have responded.

          I look forward to speaking with you, and hopefully meeting you.

          Bye for now,

          • Pep

            HI to Gina & Tina,

            my name is Pep, I know Joe well also. He used to take me to the lansdown all the time. I grew up with him in my life. Please tell him i said hello and i hope is doing well.

            Im glad you guys found each other, again please say hi to him for me.

        • bob adamson

          Hi Tina +Gina

          I met Joe Dinardo last year and have a very good photo of him if you’re interested please contact me and I will forward the photo to you.

          good luck

    • no name

      joe di nardo is living in portugal on the algarve.
      what an absolute gentelman.
      have spent many an afternoon on the beachfront cafes talking .
      boxing boxing .his life in the army .new york.
      hes a larger than life charchter .very colourfull .and always ends our conversations with god bless and take care .hes old school which i find very rare .
      dosent drink dosent smoke .excersices every day .
      a big man with a big presence .but not in an abusive manner.
      he helps out the local boxers .man this man has some knowledge of the sport .
      do you know that he once put down floyd youve probably guessed
      im involved in boxing aswell hence the long conversations about boxing.
      im over there on a regular basis and hope to see joe in the next two weeks.
      hope this has been of some help.good luck

  • Richard Csanyi

    Yeah about that he’s my uncle and that now your probaly my cousin. I’d would love to meet you and you have a huge, huge , huge family so if you add me on facebook then we can chaT

  • Jacint Horvath


    A Gábor a Dédnagyanyám fia ,ha valami infót tudtok róla jelezzétek.

  • Glen Andrews

    Hi Tina
    I used to hang around the Lansdowne boxing club when I was a kid. I know Joe very well. I haven’t spoke to him since he left. I have a couple of pictures of us together.
    If you would like copies of the pictures we could make arrangements to get them to you. Hopefully you will be able to update me on how’s he doing. I often think of him and wonder how he’s doing.


  • ricardo csanyo

    Hey my facebook name is under ricardo because i just returned from a mission trip from costa rica

  • Vince

    Anyway to get a hold of Big Joe? knew him from the days on College Street. Heard he was in town and wondering if anyone could get in touch with him to give me a call. Love to catch up….Let me know and I will pass along my number.


  • Antonio from Italy

    Greetings Mr Andrews,
    I wanted to ask you a little help.

    My name’s Antonio and write from Italy.

    I’m writing a thesis about my boxing school. I love it a lot. That’s the reason why i decided to write about this subject.

    In my boxing school many years ago (the end of 60’s) a guy worked out here. In the 70’s moved in Toronto and worked out in Landsdowne Boxing Club (probably the right name is Landsdowne A.C). He become a professonial boxer in Canada with Ted McWorther as trainer and promoters like Malignacci, Derio, Vince Bagnato.

    His name was Damiano Pellegrino. I would be very happy if you can tell me more about this gym (description, characterisitcs,ecc,), if there was an italian comunity inside that gym, ecc.

    Hope you can help me.

    Thanks a lot.


    • richard atkinson

      Hi, I was diamiano’s last sparring partner for a fight he lost, when he was hit while down on the canvas. My cousin was boxing comminsioner Clyde Grey and strippied Damiano of his boxing license. I was also trained by Teddy MCwhorther at the time. My name is richard atkinson and can be reached at

  • fromthepast


    if this is the same joe dinardo who was in prison in kingston in the 70’s you may need to reassess your desire to get in touch with him.

    he was imprisoned for a reason.

  • jimmy benko

    no name tell joe im looking for him

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