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Balkans: Serbian Propaganda

In an emotionally charged post about Serbian propaganda, Srebrenica Genocide Blog quotes from the ICTY testimony of his former high school teacher, Dragan Lukac, a Bosnian Croat concentration camp survivor.

  • Robert

    Very interesting article from Srebrenica Genocide blog. I am not surprised that Milosevic’s government used such tactics in regards to manipulation of truth about ongoing ethnic cleansing and slaughter of Bosniaks by Milosevic’s Serbian forces in Bosnia.

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  • More needs to be done by the international community to raise awareness of this genocide!

    This should be given a priority on equal standing to the Holocaust.

    -Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team.

  • This comment has been removed.

  • I would like to refer all interested parties to a scholarly, independent article about the ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia. There most certainly were heroes and villains. But who was which, might make many question their reliance – hitherto – upon mainstream media outlets.
    There is a cadre of die-hards who still believe that America didn’t attack Vietnam. One day, people who believe in Serbian villains will fall into the same category.
    Incidentally, neither I nor the author of the article I refer you to are Serbian. The article by Ms. Johnstone has many further references and the work is only for those who really want to know the facts. It is scholarly in its scope,and, necessarily so because the scope of the propaganda which created the myth was wide and spread over many years. Read the facts if you really want to know who the villains of the Balkans really are.

  • RedStar

    Dont listen to the bosnian propaganda.
    Serbia is not responsable for the genocide in bosnia. Serbia wasnt in war agaisnt bosnia and had no control over the bosnian serb army.

    I give this USA doc to everyone who is interessed by what happened in yugoslavia:

  • RedStar

    And UN just aproved it

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  • Justice

    Internet is filled with Serb Propaganda.
    It’s the only way they can spread their lies,because in the meinstream where everything has to be truth,Serbs don’t stand the chanse.

  • bob burns

    “William” and “Red Star” are well known shills for the serb/slav/orthodox axis. They are lairs and deniers of the first degree. They spew out the party line and vilify the west, hoping to weaken the west with doubt. Their target is the many bleeding-heart weak-minded liberals in the EU and America. If you go for their BS, you’re a fool

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