16 August 2006

Stories from 16 August 2006

ArubaGirl: Brain drain

  16 August 2006

ArubaGirl muses on the annual of exodus of students who leave Aruba to further their studies in the Netherlands and elsewhere: “I do wonder, however, how many of ‘Aruba’s future’ graduate? And of those who graduate, how many come back? And what do they come back to?“

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  16 August 2006

Blogs can remind us about the plight of others. Since many Bolivian bloggers write from various locations around the world, they can also capture the experience of other Bolivians, who are trying to make it in a land far from home. Isabella Fuente recently returned from a trip to Bolivia,...

Bermuda: GPS ruling

  16 August 2006

Sean reports that taxi drivers in Bermuda are up in arms over a new ruling requiring them to install GPS units in their vehicles.

Uzbekistan: Women Making Ends Meet

  16 August 2006

At neweurasia, Shohruh writes about women struggling to make ends meet in Uzbekistan. In another post on the same blog, Ben Paarmann profiles a blog dealing with women's issues written in Uzbek called Ayollar Bekati (Women's Station).

Kurdistance: Three Week Update

After a brief hiatus, I'm back and clicking away…three weeks have passed and we have a lot to cover…. At the end of July it was announced that Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman would be doing a promotional tour of the US and Europe to talk about The Other Iraq- Iraqi...

Brunei: History of Oil Exploration

  16 August 2006

The blogger at The Daily Brunei Resources discusses a book on oil exploration in Brunei. Oil and natural gas production contribute to almost half of Brunei's GDP.

Americas: Eating in the USA

  16 August 2006

About obesity in the United States, Martin Varsavsky says that he and his wife have found the trick to eating out reasonably (ES): “We found that if you order an appetizer, entree, and dessert and share everything between two people, the amount of food is right and the restaurant workers...

Argentina: Desparate Housewives

  16 August 2006

Ian Mount on the forthcoming Argentine version of ‘Desperate Housewives’: “So, how do you translate the pinched WASP, closet alcoholic played by Marcia Cross? Her Argy alter-ego is “daughter of a military officer and a fervent Catholic.”

Peru: Audio of Film Festival Seminars

  16 August 2006

Did you miss last week's Festival Elcine in Lima, Peru? Not to worry, the audio from the lectures and seminars have all been released for free on the internet, according to (ES) Audiovisual Peruano.

Iran: Carpet exportation declines

Faryadnameh says Iranian carpet exportation needs a scientific marketing to adapt itself to a changing market. The blogger also refers to Mehrnews agency report that Iranian carpet exportation declined 8% this year compared to previous year. The blogger adds our targeted market is Europe and a few countries such as...

Iran: Iranian Digg or Reddit!

Zharf says he has launched a new site similar [Fa] to digg and reddit in Persian. The blogger says site's name is Balatarin and everybody can add a link to that. All of the links on Balatarin will be from users who are rewarded for good submissions (and punished for...