14 August 2006

Stories from 14 August 2006

Armenia: Leaving Lachin

  14 August 2006

Onnik Krikorian reports on the depopulation of the Lachin corridor, an area of land linking Armenia to the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh territory. Residents attracted there with promises of land and work are now leaving.

Israel: Assessment at 08:00

Will the ceasefire hold? Maybe, maybe not, but the more meaningful question is whether the other clauses in the latest UN Security Council Resolution 1701 will be implemented, David Lisbona said.

Israel: Embarrassed!

Batya is embarrassed. “It's bad enough that I know that the government is setting us up for disaster, but now I'm getting emails from people who are reporting that American talk shows are saying the same thing. Nobody can understand why Israel agreed to something that so totally endangers us!“

Lebanon: Going home

Zeina went to the school and looked for Zainab but she and her family had left early this morning back to Tyre. They have lost their house in Maroun Ras but they're going farthest south they can drive and will wait for the Israelis to leave their town so they...

Lebanon: On Winning

Hizballah did NOT win this round, and neither did Israel. Gloating would be foolish at this time. This last war was not a zero sum game. Actually it was a very costly game for everyone. Let's not forget that. I would rather this not have happened at all, so I...

Lebanon: A comparison

It took thirty days before Israel admitted its military failure. It took less than 2 hours -after the cease fire- for the lebanese people to return to what remained of their villages. Welcome to LEBANON, Hilal Chouman said.

Russia: Y2K Panic

  14 August 2006

Copydude writes about the groundless Y2K panic in the West: “It was one of many such reports which prompted Washington to evacuate all inessential staff from its embassies in Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Meanwhile, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office declared two thirds of Russia’s airports unsafe and counselled...

Belize: Hopkins Village

  14 August 2006

Lee considers the future of a Garifuna village in Belize, which “is disappearing little bit by little bit. Not to beach erosion but to an influx of million dollar concrete beachfront homes and resorts,” and links to an article with quotations from both residents of the area and visitors.

Estonia: Comparison With Finland

  14 August 2006

Bonjour l'Estonie compares Finland to Estonia: “Many Finns expected Estonia to build a Social-Democratic style welfare state, and were surprised and to some degree miffed that Estonia, which they wanted to regard as a little brother, chose to model itself after America rather than after Finland.”