2 August 2006

Stories from 2 August 2006

China: Yao Ming resturant?

  2 August 2006

Dan Washburn in Shanghaiist investigates whether Yao Ming had really openned up a resturant in Shanghai: what the People's Daily is calling the Yao Restaurant is really Yeeha.

China: NGO

  2 August 2006

Fons Tuinstra in China Herald carries on the discussion of China's blooming NGO scene outlined by Paul Mooney in Yale Global.

Hong Kong: WHO

  2 August 2006

China government nominated former Hong Kong government official Dr. Margaret Chan to be the Chief of World Health Organization because of her experience in fighting SARS in Hong Kong. However, Martinoe says in his blog that: as a Hong Kong citizen he wants to write to members of WHO to...

Kyrgyzstan: Expelled

  2 August 2006

Registan.net notes the expulsion of two Kyrgyz diplomats from the United States, most likely as a response to the expulsion of two US diplomats from Kyrgyzstan last month.

Armenia: Call to Arms

  2 August 2006

Onnik Krikorian reports that the US born Armenian opposition politician Raffi Hovannisian has called for an end to public apathy in the lead up to next year's parliamentary election.

DRC: Candidates Complain about Rigging

  2 August 2006

The Salon deplores that so many candidates are complaining about fraud in Sunday's election fearing the aftermath will lead to riots: “If they can convince people that their allegations are true, it will mean that the international community is in collusion with the riggers… recipe for chaos. I believe these...

Estonia: Gay Pride

  2 August 2006

Giustino of Itching for Eestimaa writes about Estonia's positive image in the international gay community. Estonia's third gay pride festival is taking place in Tallinn August 7-13.

Egypt: Fiasco

Zeinobia says that last night Israeli Army operation on Baalbak city in South Lebanon is another fiasco that the army wants to appear like a victory to deceive the poor frightened people of Israel and says that it achieved some sort of victory. She confirms that those captured persons are...

Bahrain: New Weekends!

Finally Bahrain’s new weekend spanning Friday and Saturday, rather than the so far usual Thursday and Friday, was approved to start from September 1st, 2006, Mahmood said. The move is seen as a good step in the economical development of the country.