1 August 2006

Stories from 1 August 2006

China: farmer p2p

  1 August 2006

Neema from One Billion Users reports a provincial government sponsored project, “Zhejiang Province Farmer's Mailbox”, which allow farmers to send free p2p SMS and e-mails.

China: media control

  1 August 2006

ESWN translates an article written by Li Datong, the former editor of the Freezing Point supplement in China Youth Daily, about the erosion of precondition of media control in China.

Cuba: Fidel's location

  1 August 2006

On the basis of “information received directly from Cuba,” Fort Worth, Texas-based Dr. Eloy González identifies the location where Fidel Castro is said to be hospitalised.

Cuba: New message from Fidel

  1 August 2006

Zenia reports from Cuba (ES) that “a message from Fidel was read at 645pm — Cuba time — during the information round table on Televisión Cubana, in which he made it known that known that in due course the Cuban people would be given details of the progress of his...

Cuba: Not so fast, Miami

  1 August 2006

“Those rejoicing in the streets of Miami could do well to rethink their jubilation,” says Curzon as he posts an excerpt from a profile of Raúl Castro, the brother of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, to whom the latter temporarily passed presidential power on Monday night. According to Curzon's profile, Raúl...

Cuba: Some anti-Castro links

  1 August 2006

“As the hemisphere’s worst-ever dictator slides into death’s embrace, the mainstream media sweetly qualifies the Monster of Havana, one of the century’s worst tyrants, as a ‘maverick’ and other crap,” writes A. M. Mora y Leon in the opening paragraph of a post which includes several links to commentary on...

Cuba: CNN on Fidel

  1 August 2006

Babalu Blog weighs in on the CNN coverage of the Fidel Castro situation in two posts, one calling CNN the “Chávez News Network”, and another in which “the ‘internet’ expert, after a long schpiel on Latin American obviously leftists internet portals, used the words blogs and ‘rampant rumors’ in the...

Cuba: Castro links

  1 August 2006

The Latin Americanist posts a valuable set of links relating to the Castro situation, including one for a few anti-Castro jokes.

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Emancipation Day

  1 August 2006

Today several islands in the Caribbean observe Emancipation Day. Gela's Words notes that for Jamaicans, it's a time “we get back in touch with our culture and Ole Time Jamaica”. From Trinidad, both Caribbean Free Radio and Attillah Springer mention last night's concert at the Emancipation Village, headlined by South...

Egypt: Hezbollah Proved the Arabs Were Wrong

Omar Nuri thinks that Hezbollah proved the Arabs were wrong, and I mean the Arab leaders. Their bet was Hezbollah is sliding slowly to an end, its end. Now, they see it didn’t. It is standing firm and strong. Battling one combat to another, winning big time, stabbing the IDF’s...

Iraq: War Is Terrorism With a Bigger Budget

Ladybird believes that the controlled media lies about the Israeli aggression in Lebanon are similar to its propaganda about the terror attacks of 9-11. In both cases the gross deception foisted upon the public caused widespread misunderstanding of the facts and the identity of the guilty party.

Jordan: Qatar's Hypocricy

Issam referring to Qatar's Foreign Minister accusing some Arab states of supporting the Israeli offensive on Lebanon to dismantle Hizbullah. He is little surprised with the Minister approach this time, which was more frank, honest and direct. The irony is that His Highness did not explain for us his country's...

Lebanon: On Supporting Hezbollah

Mustapha explains explains why some Lebanese bloggers now support Hezbollah. He says that old readers of his blog know how critical of Hezbollah he has always been. But to them, Hezbollah remains a Lebanese party that has gone astray, but they will never allow foreigners to discipline them! This is...

Israel: It’s a Jewish Thing

Israel is currently fighting for the security of its citizens and soldiers on its sovereign soil. This war will hopefully establish once and for all that we will not compromise with objections to our right to exist as a nation. This country was founded on the basis of a very...

Syria: The Pawns of War!

Unless we can make some real breakthroughs that can help us deliver a different message to this particular segment of the populace, demography in our part of the world will continue to be on the side of tyranny, and our children will continue to be the fodder thereof and the...