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With all the war and suffering I just don't feel like blogging. But todays post is important and I feel it is my duty to write it.

If you read no other blog post this week read this

Caesar of Pentra writes of the numbing pain and screaming anger at the loss of his close friends to the random violence in Iraq:

Then I decided to call Baghday’s dad again waiting for more good news about his progress!
But I was surprised when an unfamiliar voice answered
Me: “I’m just asking about Baghday, how is he?!”
The Guy: “I’m his cousin, Baghday has donated his life for you!” which means that Baghday’s gone!
I can’t remember then but a loud sharp wailing screech.
I didn’t imagine that I could cry on someone like that. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t study, I couldn’t stop weeping and I couldn’t stop that desire of cutting ma self again!
The more blood the more relief. … Isn’t there any moment of silence? Won’t you stop this blood flood? I hate you, Iraqis! I hate you, Iraq! I hate you all! …

Once, ma mom said: “I’m not Iraqi, I’m Italian! Because in Italy I felt that I was a real human and such land deserves to be your homeland and to consider yourself as a one of their people!”. She was f***ing right!
May God keep my beloved mates in his eternal paradise. And if I could send them a message I will say this:
“Don’t fret, pals! You are in much safer, better and pleasant place! A place with no hypocrites, no love cheaters, no assassins and no power outages.”


Baghdad Connect gives an original view on the war in Lebanon. I read it and thought; well it is so obvious, why should it be so controversial?

Today there is a true chance for a moment of contemplation for both the Lebanese and Israelis to draw back from their hardware, just for brief moments, and look at the bigger picture. They are the only two true democratic systems in the middle-east yet are engaged in a war! …

This is an opportunity not to be missed for both warring parties to look into their own internal affairs instead of relying on global myths and phony Shamanization. Perhaps it is time for Israel to refrain from the purification war of the dead David Ben-Gurion against the Palestinians, and begin to establish infrastructure of trades with their future neighbors instead of slipping into the inflationary trade of cults and armaments, which will further drag them into the abyss. And for the Lebanese to invest in their own people – as they truly can. … The Lebanese should realize that their country is the only true democratic Arabic country in the region and they must keep it so.

There was a enough comment on Lebanon in the rest of the blogodrome to fill this post twice over – but I will skip all that and let Neurotic Wife say it all

can you hear my screams????? You think by doing that you will elliminate terrorism??? …

Terrorists are those that target innocent civilians!!!Terrorists are bin ladens/saddamists/zarqawis/militias…and now ISRAEL!!!Terrorists are not CHILDRENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN….This is so cowardly….Such a weak act…you wanna elliminate Hizbollah, then go after them and not after the innocent!!! …

Well done Israel…Well Done Arabs…Well Done US….Well Done the WORLD….Its time for a Standing Ovation….Come on everyone lets all stand up and clap…Clap for the courageous people that spoke out now and said “Cease Fire”…Bravo…Bravo…Bravo…The world has become such a safe place now that these kids have been martyred….So Safe…Wowwww….I can barely recognize it….Bravo…Im impressed….This is exactly what democracy means…Lets teach our children the new meaning of democracy….

Child: Mom, what does democracy mean???
Mother: Well Child, democracy is when you try to protect your self by killing children and women…This is the new found Democracy…

The week in politics

Can national reconciliation in Iraq be a bad thing? Well, it could be according to Iraq The Model. Mohammed explains “I know this may sound a bit confusing so please read to the end…” To cut a long story short he reports on talks of reconciliation between warring sectarian militias, not so much to for the sake of the people but:

“the unpleasant scenario I'm expecting is basically that these parties want this truce to fix one front and pave the way for the beginning of a Sunni-Shia joint Islamic insurgency against the US and the UK in Iraq, and I call it Islamic because that's how the planning party wants it to look like to persuade militants of the other sect to join them in their next mischief or at least to guarantee that the other sect would remain neutral during the conflict they are planning to spark.”

Is there a hidden hand behind the sectarian killings in Iraq? Baghdad Connect delves into the news of recent massacres and wonders how sectarian they really are. In the recent in Hay Al-Jihad massacre BC reports that Sunnis were not the only ones targeted but also the 14 Shia employees of a company he knew personally. And if not a hidden hand maybe the mainstream media:

the media simply ‘assumes or believes ’ that the dead are either Shiites or Sunnis depending on the area where the crime is being reported! … Only the media reports the killings! … It seems that the killers have been relying on the mainstream media to report the crimes based on people/faction/area (thanks to the constitution), which helped the crafting out of today’s Baghdad demography of faction/area, and further helped the perpetrators to forge their goals.

Baghdad Treasure looks up the meaning of Civil War and decides Iraq is already in one. He gives an excellent summary on the events that led up to it and gives this rumor: “the American army may carry out a huge operation in Baghdad looking for militiamen and insurgents. People, including my family, started storing food and water. It is believed it is going to be as worse as the Falluja and Najaf battles.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki's, visit to America raised a couple of eyebrows. Ladybird called him an idiot for asking for US troop reductions and coming back with a promise of more troops. While Maliki's refusal to condemn Hezbollah while in America gained him some respect from Truth About Iraqis.. “Maliki grows one ball, US Congress has none” he writes. On the other side The Exiled Shalash critisized Maliki because he “failed during yesterday's press conference with Bush to thank the United States for liberating Iraq, he failed to acknowledge the sacrifces of the men and women of the United States armed forces.”

And Finally…

Neurotic Wife drags us over the roller-coaster emotions of her life. Recently her HUBBY found out she had ranted about him in her blog and she takes us through the consequences:

Things at home got really bad…And when I say bad I mean really really bad….HUBBY and I reached a point of no return…In a moment of anger and frustration we both decided it was best for us to go separate ways…As I sat there in silence, my life with HUBBY flashed infront of me….a movie strip…a movie strip of memories…

But I am not giving away the ending – read on to find out what happened next.


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