Food Blog Report #26

#1: From Denmark, and his original "Peach, chili and garlic soup with chicken"

It´s essensial for a starter to have a great, not to spicy taste, to be light, and be able to make the tongue´s taste system ready for something with more taste, flavour and with more density. The special thing about this soup is that you wil have the sweetness from the peaches, the spicy from the chili, and the tense garlic taste from the garlic (of course).

This soup is a it states is a little out of my own rules, but if you´re a great chef, you will be able to get the taste of the chili not to be so spicy. Head over to his blog and get the recipe now!

#2: From Little Town in Hungary, a photo blog with a world of flavor! Learn about "Local Produce,"  and the all time favorite snack "Langós"

Fresh from the Sunday market, Lángos (pronounce Langosh) , the all time favorite breakfast/snack of people here (and whole of Hungary).

Lángos is dough deep-fried in oil (i saw one recipe on line which uses lard ..hope it's not true :s) . Spread lángos with some crushed garlic, sour cream and grated cheese …most delicious !! but, i like mine simple just with a little garlic! It's a shame that the snack is not as famous as Hungarian Goulash and paprika ;) Take a look at the tasty photos now!

#3: From Canada and Germany, Deetsa's Diningroom on her "Travels to Alsace and Southern Germany, Part I"

As you exit the catherdral, there are a number of little restaurants you can patronize in the church square for lunch. We chose ‘Aux Armes de Strasbourg’, a brasserie. Here I experience my first taste of Franco-Germanic food. I wanted to taste regional things on the trip as much as I could so I had a ‘jambonneau’, ham section on bone, while the men shared a large dish of choucroute (Sauerkraut with meat, meat and meat). The ham I had was not bad but I just loved the mustardy potato salad with it. It balanced the meat taste really well. I tried a bit of the sauerkraut and still found it a bit to strange for my liking yet. I even allowed myself to sip a tiny bit of the beer the Frog was swooning over and found it didn't actually make me regurgitate like most beer. Continue reading and get the complete report and gorgeous photos…

#4: From  Australia and the U.K., Daydream Delicious on  a delicious recipe to prepare "Hot Ginger Juice."  This is the perfect homemade remedy to fight a nasty cold.

I was not a happy girl when I got home 25 minutes later. Straight into the shower I went, clothes in washer, and thoughts of magical ginger juice cheering me up. This natural juice, taught to me by Nerida (my brother's girlfriend), is a wonderful remedy when I feel a cold coming on or a bit down in myself. The health qualities of ginger are widely know and when teamed with lemon and honey a more soothing concoction can rarely be found. It's so good infact, that it's been known to completely prevent me from being sick. This remedy comes highly recommended. Get the complete story and the priceless recipe…

#5: From Stockholm, Sweden, Anne's Food:  an incredibly easy and delicious recipe to prepare "Banana Bread," and "Peach Ice Cream"

#6: From Panama, Heidibella in the Tropics shares a great idea for a quick lunch or dinner: Faster than Take-out!

We had Ramen Shrimp Pouch for dinner tonight. The is the perfect Monday night meal after a
weekend of pigging out like…well…pigs. It took me less than 15 minutes to put it together and after 15 minutes in the oven…voila! Better than take-out and so light and flavorful. The steam from the broth cooks the noodles and the shrimp perfectly. I couldn't find any mirin so what I did was I found a stir-fry sauce that had sesame oil and soy sauce already in it and just mixed it with the broth. Give this a try…it's fun! …Get the tasty recipe HERE!

#7: From Kitchen Culture,  or what happens in a Moroccan-French-Canadian woman´s kitchen: Veal Brochettes, Faux Parathas & French Style Asparagus…wow, what a menu!

Last night there has been a bit of unvoluntary novelty with the "faux-parathas". I already made 3 or 4 times Meena's "Alu Parathas". They are so easy to prepare and really a delicious alternative to plain bread. That's what I wanted to make for supper, only to find out there were no potatoes left. I already did tell my sons I was making them. They were impatient to grab some right out of the cast iron pan and eat them as soon as possible at the cost of potential tongue burns. I didn't want to endure the storm of protest which would certainly happen if ever I told them there would be no parathas.

I remembered the paneer parathas offerings at my favorite Indian restaurant in Paris, but since paneer isn't a staple in my fridge (yet) I decided to use feta cheese mixed to a paste with the usual suspects for "chermoula", a Moroccan marinade. I'm happy to report the inspiration was good.

#8: The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz shares a recipe to prepare a Puerto Rican delicacy: Pastelon de Platano (Ripe plantain Pie)

“You scored a 10 on this,” my sister said as she reached for seconds of the Ripe Plantain Pie I’d made for dinner. If I scored the food on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest mark, like my sister, I’d give it a ten, too. The pie tasted very good.
Regular readers know from past posts that my all time favorite food is plantain.

I developed the taste for plantain as a youngster in Africa.  Although my favorite way to eat plantain is in its plainest prepared form (kelewele), I like that there are different plantain recipes.  Depending on the country, there are several ways to prepare it…Continue reading this post and get the recipe HERE!

#9: Notes from Spain:  Cuisine from Spain, podcast No. 10 Grilling!

The Catavino crew come round for some serious grilling (that’s Barbequing to us Brits), while we chat about grilling culture in Spain and abroad, fine Spanish wines, why Spanish ingredients are so good, and Marina tells us about two great summer salads. This podcast goes hand in hand with the almost simultaneously recorded podcast over at Catavino radio, where we do some serious wine tasting before the food chat here gets underway.

Have a delicious week!

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