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Bangladesh blog buzz

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The latest happenings in Bangladesh related blogs around the world:

* Society: The filming of the award winning novel ‘Brick Lane’ by Monica Ali has been stopped in one location in London, UK under protest from the local Bangladeshi community. Monica Ali's writings have created much controversy and were accused for stereotyping Bangladeshis in UK . Razib Rashedin discusses [1] the issue in details.

Drishtipat has more [2] on this issue.

* Politics: Drishtipat laments on the decaying dignity [3] of the politicians and the state of Bangladeshi politics.

Tasneem Khalil posts [4] a brilliant article analyzing the upcoming Bangladesh elections and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism (causes and consequences).

* Technology: Rajputro tells [5]about the advent of the electronic marketplace over the mobile phone in Bangladesh.

* Censorship: Rajputro reports [6] that the information ministry of Bangladesh has suddenly shut down thirteen popular satellite channels including ESPN, Star Sports, Ten Sports, HBO, Zee TV etc. creating much outrage among the viewers.

* Religion: Sadiq of inspirations and creative thoughts discusses [7] the guidance provided by scriptures of different religions concerning vengeance and retribution.

* Music: Kazi Rubayat Imam informs [8] on the publishing of the much awaited debut album of the emerging Bangladeshi underground rock band Arbovirus.

Dipu has [9] the history of Bangladeshi rock bands.

* Middle East crisis: Krishnokoli discusses [10] among other things who's fault the war is anyway.

Mezba raises [11] a few questions on the evacuation.

* Tourism: Estonian Kristel Kadak posts [12] some glimpses on Bangladesh in words and picture.

* Interview: Professional Bangladeshi blogger Razib Ahmed (SouthAsiaBiz.com and IndianRaj.com) got interviewed [13]by the Blog republic. “Positive attitude towards blogging is a must if you want to survive and grow” says Razib who has gained much attention within a few months.