21 July 2006

Stories from 21 July 2006

East Timor: Rumors of Australian Involvement

  21 July 2006

Samantha at samanddaniel blog dispels rumours that Australia was involved in the unseating of former East Timorese Prime Minister. “I believe the recent trouble all comes down to the incompetence and inexperience of a new government left to fend for itself without adequate ongoing international support coupled with the arrogance...

Brunei: Subsidies

  21 July 2006

The blogger at bruneiresources blog looks at the various subsidies that a Brunei citizen enjoys in the Kingdom. The blogger also introduces a local cartoonist's blog at the end of the post.

Singapore: GPS Tracking

  21 July 2006

Gayle Goh at i-speak blog is concerned about a new GPS based tracking system offered by a Singapore company. The company claims that the system provides peace of mind by letting people track their property and loved ones.

Bermuda: The Premier on the bus

  21 July 2006

The Limey reports briefly on the public's mixed response — and often humorous — to Bermudian Premier Alex Scott's decision to ride the bus to work.

Barbados: Deputy PM and free speech

  21 July 2006

Barbados Free Press comes out strongly against Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley's call for “the curtailment of free speech” on radio call-in shows and blogs.

Cuba: Fidel's birthday concert

  21 July 2006

Pan-African News Wire reproduces an article from Cuban news daily Granma, announcing plans for a concert to celebrate Fidel Castro's 80th birthday celebrations on August 11-12 in Havana. The concert will feature several “top protest and ballad singers of Latin America” as well as South African star Miriam Makeba.

Jamaica: Emancipation and Independence

  21 July 2006

Charles Nesson announces that he is hosting a programme on the the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica on August 1 (Jamaica's Emancipation and Independence Day) “in which Jamaican leaders talk with me about Jamaica’s journey to freedom and the issues of emancipation and independence which still confront them.” The programme...

Kyrgyzstan: Osh

Breed writes about the charms of the bazaar in the Kyrgyz city of Osh and the lessons it holds for those who might find themselves in post-Soviet airports.

Armenia: Apricot Republic

Irina Petrosian discusses the omnipresence of apricots, apricot-related gossip, apricots as an indicator of inflation, and much more that has contributed to Armenia being referred to on occasion as an “apricot republic.”

Kyrgyzstan: US to Stay

Yulia comments on the release of additional details about the new agreement between Kyrgyzstan and the United States that will allow the US to keep using the Manas airfield for supporting operations in Afghanistan. She argues that it is fortunate that the issue was resolved without becoming a huge fight...

The Balkans: Graffiti Photos

Mat Savelli of Roma Roma posts a collection of the Balkan graffiti photos: “So, while “death to all Croats!” might give the impression that, say, Mostar east of the Neretva is a relatively intolerant place, there is every possibility that this was written in 1994. That being said, the fact...

Ukraine: Politics in the Open

Wu Wei points out a positive aspect in what's happening in Ukrainian politics: “The only hopeful thing I can think of is that these days all the changing sides and bribery and “principled stands” are happening more or less under the eyes of the world and not completely in closed...

Ukraine: Platskart Train Car

The Humble Observer describes a ride in a third-class Ukrainian train car, platskart: “I usually ride in second class, where the rooms have four bunks. But when there’s no tickets, I ride with the masses ride in Plat. It’s a wagon on the train with no separate rooms, just lined...

Romania: “Spy Kids”

Doug Muir of A Fistful of Euros writes about “spy kids,” one of the legacies of Romania's Communist past: “Huge flap in Romania this week, as it’s been revealed that the Communist-era secret police recruited children to spy on parents and classmates.”

Pakistan: Astola Island

  21 July 2006

Adil writes about Astola Island in Pakistan. “Flying over Astola Island (Pakistan)‚ my first sight of the Island and the speed boat anchored in a bay far below quite took my breath. Pointing hull of the boat lay in pale blue shallows‚ riding on the swell. Even a hardened seaman...

Belarus: KGB Letter

TOL's Belarus Blog posts an approximate translation of a letter allegedly written by a group of Belarus KGB officers, which contains “revelations about what happened during the presidential elections and in its aftermath. Not a lot of new information – but the very attempt to drag attention to such anonymous...