Israel condemnation and the Cause of War and Conflicts

Many Indonesian bloggers respond to the current brutal and terror act against civilians in Palestine and Lebanon with disgust and condemnation.

Indra Pramanawho is very concerned about the current escalation of tension in the middle-east, especially the use of excessive force by Israelis against civilians in Palestinian territory and Lebanon, questioning the actions of the Jewish state and the silent voice of the world on the events:

I still don't understand, why Israel has to kill a lot of innocent civilians, including children, only because they want to save two of their soldiers which are being captured by Hezbollah militants. Why they have to bomb the Beirut international airport? Why they have to sacrifice the life of a lot of Lebanese civilians, including children?

Why all countries around the world did not immediately condemn the attack? When North Korea did a “show-off” with its missiles, most of all countries around the world immediately condemned the move. When terrorists strike Mumbai's rapid transportation with several blasts to its trains, all countries immediately condemned the attack. Why up to the moment, it's quite difficult for most countries around the world to condemn the Israel's attack? Why so far, only Indonesia condemned the attack, while the Philippines only issued Lebanon travel ban for its citizens? And why the UN Security Council finds it difficult to come out with a resolution to condemn the attack?

I really hope that the international community can immediately look into this matter. This matter is obviously more serious than the North Korea issue. North Korea only performed a show-off, while in this case, a lot of civilians, including children, has been killed by the brutal attacks. I also really hope that the international community can do the necessary to stop Israel's attacks, so there's no further innocent people become victims.

While many Indonesian bloggers condem the acts of the Israelis against Lebanon and Palesine, Romi Satro Wahono highlights more on the root cause of conflicts happens in any parts of the world including in the Middle East where he elaborates three major factors of conflicts and war that happen throughout the history of the world adding a note that it's the US who has waged the most wars:

First, ambition to show off and gain recognition on the part of more powerful countries with all possible pretext to support the action.

Second, war as a very profitable business. You can see the table in his blog on the top five countries who export and import weapons and its values in US dollars

Third, poverty, injustices, and big social gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Some commenters seem to agree with him. Arif Widianto, for example, comment that:

Saya tidak terkejut kalau Amerika merupakan negara yang terbanyak terlibat dalam konflik (perang) internasional. Industri senjata di negara tersebut merupakan industri yang besar dan harus diserap. Kalau pasar tidak menyerap, minimal negara sendiri yang menyerap. Boleh dilihat, setiap kali Partai Republik berkuasa di Amerika, dijamin bakal akan ada perang di suatu belahan dunia karena Partai Republik disokong oleh industri senjata. Lihat George Bush dan George Walker Bush sebagai sedikit contoh dari penguasa yang berasal dari Partai Republik. Kedua orang ini menggelar perang yang cukup dahsyat di akhir abad 20 dan awal abad 21.

I am not surprised to see the US as a country with the most involvement in international conflicts (war). Weapon industry in the country is one of the biggest business and has to be dealt with. If the (international) market does not absorb that (weapon) production, it'll become the burden of state to do it. See, everytime the Republic is in the helm of power, it'll be rest assured there would be a war in other parts of the world because the Republic party is supported by weapons industry. See for example George Bush Sr. and Jr as a case in point. The two father and son president have waged the greatest war in the late 20th century and early 21st century respectively.


  • It’s not about two soldiers…let’s start there. It’s about generations of hatred and intolerance on both sides, and over-reactions heaped on over-reactions, especially when the over-reaction involves civilians and religion, then the next reaction will be an over-reaction.
    So until the people of that region want peace, really want it, then they will have no peace. Being right, being most honored, etc, blah, blah, blah is more important than peace. Is there any question why there’s not peace?

  • Jim Thomas

    I see a lot of mention of the civilians and children killed by the Israelis, but no mention of the Israeli civilians and children killed by the Palestinians, Hamas, and Hezbollah with their homicide bombers and rocket attacks. A little dishonesty here?

  • Roamer

    This is all about one group grabbing soldiers (crossing the border to do so) and trying to ransom them for prisoners. If those actions had not been taken by the terrorists from Lebanon or the Palestinian territories this conflict would not be going on. That is the trigger event.

    All the rest is BS.

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  • In my opinion, the war in Midle East that involves Israel and Arab nation or nations at the other side will be never ending war. The root cause of this war itself is still in disagreement: religion, imperialism (zionism), terrorism, or else. There are many interest that is injected to the war.

    In Arabic view, zionism is the root of that never ending war so that Israel has to be deleted from world map. But, based on God’s promise, Israeli (supported most by USA)sees that that is their right to found a country called Israel on what so caled Palestinian land.

    That war will only finish if the history on on our world is reaching it’s end. Or, in other words, if the end of day has come.

  • Hi Fatih,

    This is out of topic comment, I think you were mistyped my name here, the correct comment made by Moh. Arif Widarto, not Widianto (or me). Perhaps, if I may suggest, you could directly link the name to the correct article.

    About Israeli agression, of course we condemn it by all means!

    Arif Widianto

  • Robert Collins

    1-When the Jews were given Palestine, the UN partitioned old Ottoman territory, not Palestinian owned land.
    2-What the UN did was fulfil jewish, christian and Islamic prophecies. “And Musa (Moses) said to his people (Israel): O my people! remember the favor of Allah upon you when He raised prophets among you and made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the nations. O my people! enter the holy land which Allah has prescribed for you and turn not your backs for then you will turn back losers.” Sura 5:20-21

  • […] Israel condemnation and the Cause of War and Conflicts […]

  • […] Israel condemnation and the Cause of War and Conflicts […]

  • I think the point is Israel want their land back, no matter how it takes poeple lifes from other people. and, it will not stop until they can claim all the land the have before…
    so they not only againts Palestina and lebanon, soon they will claim other teritory from other nation that they claim it belong to them before.., soon after they get enough money to buy another deadly weapon from US…
    and I think all people already know, america take the advantages of this war by suplying weapon to Israel..

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