16 July 2006

Stories from 16 July 2006

China: baidu space

  16 July 2006

Williamlong has an initial analysis (zh) on baidu space. There are several inadequacies as blog platform, including 1. its encoding system is not UTF-8; 2. very long url; 3. cannot export blog content; 4. uploaded pictures cannot be shared by other websites; etc.

China: Visa problem

  16 July 2006

Ma-yue talks about his experience in visa application to other countries (zh) . He complains that although China is blooming in economic development and considered as a big nation, however, its passport is less useful than many other small countries.

China: the most beautiful reporter in China

  16 July 2006

ESWN puts together forum posts and news concerning how a woman reporter Cao Aiwen put her work aside and tried to rescue a drowned girl. She was then crowned by netizen the most beautiful female reporter in China.

China: reporter sentenced for two years

  16 July 2006

Glutter puts up the news concerning China government sentenced reporter Li Yuanlong to two years in jail earlier last week (July 13). ESWN translates an article “On Becoming an American Citizen in Spirit” written by Li so that westerners can make their own judgement whether his article is “inciting subversion”.

Hong Kong: patriotic education

  16 July 2006

The Voyager discusses a news headline in a Hong Kong newspapers: Cutter Youth: No Regrets For Anti-Japanese / Nine Intimidation Letters; Fanatically Patriotic Heart. The news is about a youth threatened Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe with death if he visited the Yasukuni Shrine. The writer then comments that...

South Korea: citizen journalism

  16 July 2006

Ohmynews’ international citizen reporters’ reports on Ohmynews conference July 12-14. Gregory Daigle reports on Citizen Participation and Technology; Alexander Krabbe writes on Where Do You Head, Citizen Journalism?; Ronda Hauben on Exporting citizen journalism; David Michael Weber reports on Ohmynews Japan ready to launch; Roberto Spiezio on Bridging the digial...

Turkey is Typing….

This late edition of “Turkey is Typing” is brought to you by the lovely people of Silt Colorado and the broken alternator fan belt of my car that left me stranded there. In the wake of Israeli aggression in Palestine and Lebanon, Turkish bloggers have been voicing their concerns as...

This week in the African women’s blogsphere

  16 July 2006

Black Looks has been given permission to publish the remarkable story of Stephanie Adaralegbe, a transgendered Nigerian, that highlights her trials and tribulations as she prepares to attend the XVI International AIDS Conference. As Black Looks says, ”the story speaks for itself. It is special because it expresses a strength...

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

As the old Chinese curse goes “may you live in interesting times”. And this week we have been witnessing some interesting times indeed. I am not going to play ‘my war is better than yours’ but it is enough to say that by Iraqi standards the whole crisis in Lebanon...