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Bolivia: Blog Evangelism

Categories: Latin America, Bolivia

This is a translation of post originally written in Spanish [1] at Blogs de Bolivia.

As a result of the successful Second Meeting of Bloggers and Mundo al Reves Users [2] held last Saturday, July 8th in Santa Cruz with a record attendance of 26 people, (mostly bloggers and blog readers), the dynamic group has launched a blogger campaign called “Crazy for Blogs [3]” whose details, in words of one of the main actors of the movement, Sebastian Molina [4], are as follows:

What does it consist of?? In driving crazy those closest to you with the following: what are blogs, what is the concept, what is the world of blogs, and mainly, to convince everyone possible to start one and to update it. And then those convinced will repeat the scheme, successively, in an expansive wave.

This is “a decentralized” campaign, that will have at its center each one of blogs that wishes to take part, take hold, and be followed by mundoalreves.com. But, we must repeat, we will each take part with what we feel represents the popularization of blogs and their possibilities, from our own blogs and the spaces of circulation that we each have accessible.

So far there are several bloggers that have been joined the campaign [5], and from their weblogs they are in charge of spreading this initiative to which we foresee our best successes.

Blogs that already has been pledged to the campaign [3]: