11 July 2006

Stories from 11 July 2006

DRC: Journalist Shot

  11 July 2006

According to (Fr) Le Blog du Congolais: “Bapuwa Mwamba, a noteworthy journalist at “Le Phare”(…) was recently grabbed from his family's affections as well as from freedom fighters in the night of the 7 to the 8th of July by a commando that shot him at close range. (…) Either...

Reunion: chikungunya and environment

  11 July 2006

Says Dijoux.re regarding (Fr) the chikungunya epidemic plaguing Reunion, “the impact study of the effect of the measures taken to fight the virus on the environment showed that large scale treatments did not have harmful consequences on the land and water fauna of the island.”

Malaysia: Corruption Questions

  11 July 2006

Malaysia politician and blogger Lim Kit Siang asks the deputy speaker of Malaysian parliament not to block questions about corroption. The deputy speaker had earlier not given him a chance to follow up on a question by another member of parliament.

Brunei: Jalan Sultan

  11 July 2006

The blogger at bruneiresources blogs about a Sunday afternoon he spent at a newly renovated street in the Brunei's capital city. “The other product is our famous ‘sotong tutuk’ literally hammered squid. My first knowledge of sotong tutuk was many years ago in Pantai Muara. Whenever you go to the...

Laos: Foreign Investors

  11 July 2006

Who are the top foreign investors in Laos? Samakomlao blog has a list of the top 15 investors in Laotian economy.

Singapore: Blogger Drops Newspaper Column

  11 July 2006

A popular blogger in Singapore Mr. Miyagi has decided to stop writing for a daily. The paper has earlier suspended a column by another well known local blogger. Blogger Feynman Boson asks “Will it further disconnect the online and offline world into two distinct universes (like the real world and...

Kyrgyzstan: Diplomats Expelled

Registan.net discusses the push and shove between Kyrgyzstan and the United States regarding negotiations over the price for US use of an airbase in the country and how it is the likely explanation for the expulsion of two US diplomats for “improper” contacts with the heads of NGOs.

Armenia: Vochinch Mentality

Notes From Hareinik discusses the news that the mayor of the town of Garni has done nothing with the municipal budget. The author says that sooner or later, silence and indifference, “vochinch,” towards such corruption will have to end.

Uruguay: Sundries

  11 July 2006

Winter has arrived, writes From Uruguay in a post that also mention's an unhappy president, Mercosur, football, and a farmer's demonstration against an upcoming tax reform.

Ukraine: “Anti-Crisis Coalition”

LEvko of Foreign Notes cites Oleksandr Moroz's reasons to act in what many consider a treacherous way; he also writes about the nomination of Victor Yanukovych for prime minister's post by the new “anti-crisis coalition.” Robert Mayer of Publius Pundit has a roundup on the end of the Orange Revolution....

Ukraine: Krayina Mriy

Petro of Petro's Jotter writes about his family's visit to Krayina Mriy (“Dream Country”) world music festival that took place in Kyiv this past weekend, and argues why Ukraine isn't a “banana republic.”