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Afghan Whispers: Insecurity & Racism

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A few Afghan bloggers talked about insecurity in country and recent bomb explosions. We look at a few of them.


Afghan Lord talks about daily violence in Afghanistan. The blogger gives us the details about three consecutive days [1] of violenc. He writes,

On 3rd of July, a time bomb killed one student girl and wounding six other girls in Herat University in western Afghanistan. Lately extremists have attacked primary school in southern Afghanistan occasionally to prevent students, especially girl students. On 4th of July, six persons were injured while a mine exploded near the ministry of justice just 200 meter away from the presidential palace. On 5th of July, a suicide attack targeted a guest house in Kandahar province left one person dead and wounded six others.

Dialogue 3 says in these days everybody starts conversation by saying there is no security in Kabul and Taliban are present here. The blogger adds of course western part of Kabul is in much insecure situation [2] (Persian).

For several bloggers violence and bombs are not the only reasons to make them feel insecure. These bloggers talk about racism and discrimination from France to Iran.


Guftego talks about racism in Europe and France. The blogger writes Afghanistan is suffering from many problems such as high rate of illiteracy but what is about France in Europe [3] (Persian). Why because of racism many children of immigrant are jobless. The blogger says

Second generation afghan should understand racism in France is worse than ethnic problems in Afghanistan. The blogger adds every where we are we should think about our cultural growth. If one day we come back to Afghanistan we should come as an Afghan.

Habib Peyman says 90 percent of Afghans who live in Iran have been humiliated by Iranians. The blogger says Afghan became refugees in Iran because of common language and religion [4] (Persian).