7 July 2006

Stories from 7 July 2006

New Caledonia: Collecting Clothing for Local Tribe

  7 July 2006

Sebastien from 5 Minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie is (fr) officially collecting clothing for the local Koulnoue tribe at the request of one of its members. Interested potential donors should email him at sebastienmerion@yahoo.fr. He posts pictures of members of the tribe and promises to post regular updates of the tribe's...

Martinique: First Caribbean Social Forum

  7 July 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] is pleased (Fr) to learn that the first Caribbean Social Forum is happening in Martinique this week (July 5-9) but does not think its timing was particularly smart what with the World Cup's final taking place this weekend as well as an annual cultural fair in...

Mexico: Oaxaca's Popular Parallel Government

  7 July 2006

Dave Pentecost mentions and Nancy Davies explains that “the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO, by its Spanish initials) declared itself the governing body of Oaxaca on the morning of July 5,” just three days after the nation went to the polls.

Argentina: Music: Soda Stereo

  7 July 2006

“Someone has told me that solitude hides behind your eyes” is Kari's favorite line from the Soda Stereo song Tratame suavemente (treat me softly), which you can listen to yourself if you act quickly.

Guyana: Government ignores Caricom?

  7 July 2006

Demeraralighthouse sees the non-attendance of Guyana's President and Security Minister at two key Caricom meetings as a sign that “the Guyana government has apparently embarked on a policy-position to ignore the 15-member Caribbean Community (Caricom), sacrificing the regional organisation for its own partisan domestic political agenda . . . .”

Latin America: Poll Numbers

  7 July 2006

If polls can be trusted, then it's happy times for Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and quite the opposite for Ecuador's Alfredo Palacio. It's Friday, time for Boz's weekly poll numbers.

Puerto Rico: Cycle of violence

  7 July 2006

For Gil the Jenius, an incident involving the shooting of four young men by the father of a 17-year-old girl underscores the cycle of violence that is becoming more prevalent in Puerto Rico.

Ukraine: Politics and Reality

Ukraine has been without a new government since the March 26 election. A coalition between Victor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko's Bloc and the Socialist Party was finally formed at the end of June, but it didn't last past yesterday, when Socialist leader Oleksandr Moroz unexpectedly joined forces with the...

The State of the Argentinean Blogosphere: Tucuman

  7 July 2006

Original post in Spanish here. Following the notes dedicated to Argentinean provinces, this time we'll talk about Tucuman. In this case, I've had more time to prepare everything and I've also had the invaluable contribution of many bloggers, that have helped me build a wiki of Argentinean blogs, arranged by...

India: Arranged marriage and litigation

  7 July 2006

Sepia Mutiny on when arranged marriages turn sour at the match-fixing stage, and some parties appear to turn to litigation. “I love how her “complexion” is litigation-worthy and her teeth were examined like she was a horse-for-sale.”

Srilanka: Being young, female and a journalist

  7 July 2006

Cynically Yours on equality, gender and being a journalist. “The first disadvantage that came to my mind involved age, gender and profession. I'm not yet twenty, I'm a journalist and I'm female. This combination makes it very difficult for me to function to my maximum capacity as a journalist. “

Armenia: Artists & Wheelchairs

Myrthe writes about an article by English artist Mick Oxley's recent trip to Armenia. While there, he worked with a local artist, Arsen Asatryan, who, like him, uses a wheelchair to get around. In her comments on the article, Myrthe discusses attitudes towards disabilities and accesibility issues that unfortunately lead...

Kazakhstan: United

Rico of neweurasia discusses the merger of two political parties in Kazakhstan and its consequences. The first of the two parties is that of President Nursultan Nazarbaev while the other is that of his daughter, Dariga Nazarbaeva.