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Pakistan: Blog-o-timewarp

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Citizen Media

I write to you this week from the future. This post which was due about three weeks back is actually being written on time, somewhere around the 2nd week of June. So please don't think this a lame excuse for my procrastination because I actually have discovered an internet based worm hole that time warps me between the future and the past.

I accidentally discovered this time-space orifice after consuming three cans of Red Bull, one litre bottle of Coke and 8 capsules of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. I found myself hurtling into cyberspace three weeks into the future, which is where I am now, which incidentally, happens to be your present. Have I lost anyone yet? Good, I'm glad you are coming with me on this one.

Now to business. This week's episode of my Pakistan update consists of links that I selected in hyper-speed (which happens to be another advantage of the time-travel phenomena but I digress).

Fountainhead as always writes about [1] what most don't dare address; Jaded presents her wonderful travelogue of Spain [2] (be sure to read the later entries); Windmills highlights the cure for all maladies [3]; Suspect Paki discusses American Ethics [4] (be cautioned that this is an R-rated rant, so children and G.W.Bush must be accompanied by an adult while reading this post); Sami Shah (Karachi's very own actual stand-up comedian) presents the real reasons behind the current works of Karachi Municipality [5]; Glasshouse presents some interesting titbits from Pakistani newspapers [6] (I think he might have meant ‘Tidbits’ but considering that he is highlighting politics, it might actually be titbits); I present my Neoconic revised version of the American national anthem [7]; and finally I would also like to highlight my recent photoblog adventures [8] as evidence of some semblance of my sanity.

I think the above links are sufficient for this week's perusal of Pakistani blog wares. I shall return again with an exciting post very soon. I will now experiment with the time warp (with the aid of large polo mallet) and travel back in time and do a post for GV, in which case you don't have to look forward to it as you probably have already read it.