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Cambodian Views on Football World Cup

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Football fatasy. Football frenzy. Football fever. You name it. People all over the the world are watching the Football FIFA world Cup 2006, hosting in Germany, so are Cambodia. Euphoria and insomnia comes to almost all of us, not to mention Cambodian buddist monks. Just days ahead of the opening match between Germany and Costa Rica, patriarch Non Nget has told Cambodia's 40,000 Buddhist monks to remain passive while watching World Cup football games or be defrocked. Among 32 national teams vying for glory in the world's most popular sport, there is no Cambodia national team. Since its inception in 1930 that the national team has not once qualified to play the world cup tournament. But that is not the case of not loving of football. Here, people from every of walk of life stay up late into the night to watch their favourite teams.

What Cambodia have to say on the football world cup?
Germany to win the World Cup?
Just hours after Germany thrashed Ecuador 3-0 in the first round of the tournament, Cambodian prime minister tipped [1] home advantage Germany to win the world cup.

Dream of Cambodia in the World Cup
As he enjoyed watching live match on TV, a local weblogger asked if he will get at least once chance in his lifetime to see his home national team reach the world cup final kick-off. “I am not sure whether I live long enough to see Cambodia go to World Cup” he thought [2].

Watching and betting on football
When football is more than just passion, discussion on its side effects are also ongoing in the virtual world. Should Cambodian people bet on the football [3] World Cup? Should Cambodian buddisht monks be allowed to watch [4] the exciting sport on TV? In Siem Reap, most potential tourist destination, a robbery took place [5] at night. The victim was a female voluntary worker. It is already dark here in Cambodia by the time the matches start in Germany.

Three guys on a motorbike – without their lights on – pushed her bike over and grabbed her bag.
…We figure World Cup fever – and the partying that accompanies it – makes this kind of thing more likely at the moment. Her rent money was probably spent on World Cup betting, beer and bargirls. As some of the other items aren't worth much in financial terms, she's hoping to get them back.

A sleepless night
Due to stomach ache, Sopha, who considered herself an ordinary girl, had the chance to stay up into the small hours of the night to watch [6] Germany beat Costa Rica in the opening match of the tournament.

Yet, there was one thing good about this sleeplessness.. Last night, I could stay up and watch the victory of my favorite World Cup team Germany over Costa Rica.. 4-2.. That's great, right? However, I was a bit disappointed since my hero Michael Ballack was unable to join his team.. Well, after all I was very satisfied with the result.
Again, tonight my English heroes got their first match.. :).. I am happy though it seemed just like a lucky game for them :) .. Really wish that either Germany or England get this year CUP.. I'll be extremely happy.