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Egypt: We are cheap!

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, War & Conflict

Why we are cheap? Zeinobia feels so and she writes why. She said [1]: “For one man , one kidnapped solider , not even a dead , not even for a group of soldiers Israel is punishing one million person in Gaza Strip . I feel so cheap when three Egypt soldiers died from two weeks and Mubarak didn't do anything except accepting the weak apology of Olmart in Cairo while Israel threats to unleash a great war on Palestine for one nerd like 18 years old boy , I am sorry to describe him like that but you will know why I described him like this if you see his picture. Israel broke international laws for this guy , and a war was going to happen yesterday if the Syrian forces targeted the Israeli air fighters which flied over the Syrian president ‘s chateau in the North of Syria.