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Bangladesh Blog Buzz

Categories: South Asia, Bangladesh, Citizen Media, Film, Religion

The latest happenings in Bangladesh related blogs around the world:

* Tourism: A tourist in Bangladesh explores Mainamati [1], where a number of Buddhist archeological sites can be found.

* Pictures: Zev posts photos of Sonargaon [2], the ancient capital of Isa Khan's kingdom in Bengal. It is located near the current-day city of Narayanganj, Bangladesh. More pictures from Zev of old Dhaka, [3] now capital of Bangladesh.

* Society: Adhunika blog discusses two important issues in Bangladeshi society “When to get married” [4]: Before or after graduation? And on the status of the single women in the society [5].

* Review: Journalist Ahmede Hossain does a review of a Bengali film : Ontorjatra (Home-Land) [6] directed by Tareque Masud and Catherine Masud.

* Religion: In his quest for truth and spirituality, Sadiq finds that Jesus travelled also to India [7].

* World Cup: Shafiur writes how dramatic the symbolism in football [8] can be. Mezba classifies [9]the ubiquitous flag wavers.

* Blogs and business: Razib of the South Asia Biz Blog comments [10] that blogs can help South Asian companies grow.

* Living: Dutch expat Hermie living in Dhaka has had enough [11] with her American neighbor.

* Bangla Blogging:Give me a notepad, I will give you a community [12]“- Hasin hayder the man behind the sensational Bangla blogging platform “Somewhereinblog.net [13]” writes how it was born and its latest developments. He has thoughts of expanding it to a wider community.