19 June 2006

Stories from 19 June 2006

South Korea: France VS Korea in World Cup

  19 June 2006

Even though the France VS South Korea Match is considered a boring one, there are still 60 plus comments in dissidentdave's match description post in the Marmot's hole. One of the comments goes like this: Dave, I’m korean as well and I admitted i think at least twice in different...

Chile: Club de Lulu

  19 June 2006

Liz Henry has a great introduction to the Chilean women behind the entertaining and informative Club de Lulu (ES). Then, a follow-up with links to the contributors’ individual blogs.

China: interpretation of Beijing 2008

  19 June 2006

“Beijing-2008″ is a huge painting by Liu Yi (刘溢), exhibited in New York in March. Inside the picture, there are 5 women playing ma-joh (2008 Beijing Olympic game). One of the political interpretations by jxhill is that the 5 women are U.S (middle), Taiwan (left near the wall), japan (backward...

Afghanistan: An American Soldier

AfghaniDan, a US soldier in Afghanistan, talks about his experience & daily life in this country. The blogger writes “the gardens in the governor's compound give you a good idea of how different life is for the power brokers in Afghanistan, much like anywhere else for that matter. People may...

China: eating cat

  19 June 2006

There have been much reports about the tradition of cat eating in southern China. What is new this time is that netizen has organized animal rights protest against such tradition. ESWN has a full translation of the recent development.

Ecuador: World Cup Festivities

  19 June 2006

Ecuadorean blogger Cristhian Caiza Niama, writing from Germany, shows evidence that his visiting compatriots haven't stopped celebrating their team's advancement to the second round.

China: student riot

  19 June 2006

ESWN translates a post about Zhengzhou University riot. At its worst, almost 10,000 people were rioting. The cause of the riot was that the school lowered the status of the university diploma and did not refund tuition fees to fourth-year students as contracted.

Armenia: Dual Citizenship

Christian Garbis writes about dual citizenship in Armenia and the Armenian diaspora. He asks why some people want Armenian citizenship when the only major difference between that and special residency status is the right to participate in politics.

Panama: Photos from San Blas

  19 June 2006

Melissa de Leon has posted photos of the Kuna people from the autonomous Panamanian region of Kuna Yala (wikipedia), more commonly referred to as San Blas.

India: Living with HIV

  19 June 2006

Lives in Focus had a videolog of an interview with Raj, a person living with HIV. “Raj is among the approximately five to ten percent of the global HIV+ population that was infected through contaminated blood five years ago. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated in 2003 that nearly seven...

United Arab Emirates: Dubai power outage

Dubai has power outage, and one of the reasons given was exceeding the allotted supply. Seabee wonders: “People exceeding their allotted supply? Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know that there's an ‘allotted supply’. Or is it a language problem in the reporting?“

Syria: So what about the Golan?

Rime Allaf sadly writes; it is necessary today to remind the world – including the Syrian people – of this fact, as in the last six years, somehow, the issue of the Golan Heights has been wiped off the international agenda, being overtaken by Syria's interference in Lebanon (now itself...

Morocco: Abolition of death penalty in Morocco

In Morocco, abolition of the death penalty is backed by NGOs such as the Association of Moroccan Bars, the Moroccan Association of Human Rights, the Moroccan Organisation of Human Rights, the Moroccan Forum of Truth and Justice, Amnesty Morocco, and the Moroccan Observatory of Prisons. The NGOs formed a national...

Qatar: More Arab News Stream

Backed by government financing, Germany's public international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, is preparing to beam as much as 24 hours daily of news programming in Arabic this autumn. France's yet-to-be-named CNN-style channel is in development for a year-end opening, along with a Web site in Arabic and later in 2007 an...