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If a Chinese-language version of something called Blogerati existed, portal website would most likely be it. Is it a surprise that two of Sina's three top bloggers are women? At third spot is media mogul Hong Huang (洪晃), ex-wife of Farewell My Concubine director Chen Kaige and daughter of Mao Zedong's former English teacher. Second is young anti-establishment writer Han Han, recently mentioned here on Global Voices, and in first places comes actress, director, author and blogger Xu Jinglei (徐静蕾).

Given China's population, is it surprising their readership numbers are in the tens of thousands, sometimes even the hundreds of thousands? One post of Hong's from May 28 brought in 422,482 views and 2505 comments. Wondering how they do it? Here are some of their most recent posts:


Out-of-bounds Ball

Hong Huang
34302 views/295 comments

我痛恨各种竞赛, 从小我什么都没赢过, 一听比赛我就躲, 如果有破罐破摔比赛我说不定能嬴,小时候四百米我跑了四分钟,走下来的。

I hate all sorts of competition. Since I was a kid I've never won anything. As soon as I hear the word competition, I hide. Even a competition in screwing up I might not even win. When I was young I once ran four hundred meters and then gave up.

所以世界杯我是不会看的, 如果我想看一群失去理智的男女画着鬼脸到处嚷嚷,我可以看恐怖片;要想看肌肉男,有东方卫视的什么”家有好男儿”(但是听说这节目里面评出来的男人都比较女,所以可能还不如看白岩松,崔永元什么的);要想半夜不睡觉喝啤酒,我家老头随时愿意, 而且也不用四年才一次。

That's why I'm not watching the World Cup. If I wanted to watch a bunch of irrational men and women with painted-on monkey faces run around screaming, I'd watch a horror film. If I want to see some studs, there's Dragon TV‘s ‘Good Guy at Home’ (although I heard some of the men chosen on that show are a little feminine, might as well watch Bai Yansong or Cui Yongyuan); If at midnight I don't feel like sleeping but drinking some beer, my dad's cool with that anytime. No need for only once every four years.

但是世界杯到处都是,无孔不入, 连我都知道日本人输给澳大利亚人了, 而且输挺残, 最后被人进了三个球还是几个。我发现日本人有破罐破摔精神,这跟往常我们心目中的暗自较劲的日本人还是挺不一样的, 大概他们也悟出放弃的爽了。

But the World Cup is everywhere; there's nowhere it's not. Even I know that Japan lost to Australia, and lost pretty harsh, three or more goals right at the end. I notice the Japanese have a pretty kamikaze attitude, not quite what we expected of them. Seems they've lost their cool.

尽管不爱看球也不能不关心世界大事,而球就是世界大事了。有点擦边新闻分享一下, 自二零零二年以来, 性工作者可以合法在德国工作, 在几个球场周围的公寓已经都被当地著名性工作者包下,还装上望远镜, 可以浑身颤抖着,还能看球,牛吧?

Despite not loving the World Cup, I can't ignore it either; football's so big all over the world. I'll share a bit of related news; since 2002, sex workers can legally work in Germany. Several apartments near the ball fields have been rented out by well-known sex workers, who have installed telescopes. You can get your ‘workout’ and watch the game. Isn't that cool?

日记 [2006年06月15日]

Diary June 15, 2006

Xu Jinglei


I finally finished the editing the film which confirms I'll be going to Shanghai. Otherwise it would have been yet another upsetting matter. The photographer Gan Lu got back to Beijing in time. Great! Won't need to find anyone else!


The last step is the all-city opening starting on the 26th. I'll be on planes everyday. Finish hawking it here, go hawk it there. Old-style film promoting can't be avoided. Then, it'll be the end. The fastest time ever, superfast, over before I knew it, about seven months from start to finish. Just thinking about it leaves me feeling a little down……soon I'll have to do it all over again……


What down? Not busy enough? Enough, enough. Rest, rest. Happy, happy.


Tomorrow I go to Shanghai. Today I went back to granny's house for dinner. Granny looks in good spirits, could even come to the table to eat. Getting out of bed and taking a stroll is always good, and her itchy rash has gotten much better. It's pretty much healed, but she looked sick so we had to go back to the hospital.


This trip will be a rather long one, I'm afraid I'll have to bring a big suitcase……which means packing for a big suitcase…………·#¥%—*()?“——+”:{{〉《?


Big Knife Xu

8168/830 [June 17, 16:45 Beijing Time]


I went to Shanghai, and my little brother came with me. Other coworkers are still at the company braving the front line.


Yesterday held a solo press conference. Little comrade actually got called up onto stage to speak for like five minutes or so. I couldn't heard a word he said from backstage, though, all the voices were buzzing. Seeing him speak for so long I noticed little brother sure knows how to talk, and at twenty-seven years old at that. How is it that I always think he's still a little butthead? I'm brought back to when he was just two or three, with his little snot mustache.


His high school grades were mediocre, transferred schools a hundred times. Graduation, university entrance exam, I don't know how, like he had divine assistance, scored more than better enough to get into Beijing University of Technology to study architecture. My dad can't help himself whenever this comes up: my son sure can cheat, eh? Little comrade doesn't like to hear it either: you cheat without even trying; that's talent, all right.


Doing his Masters in England, mom, dad and I went to visit him. He and his girlfriend made us dinner in their dorm's shared kitchen. They made a lot of dishes, although exactly what I forget. I just remember one was hot pepper chicken, the flavor was really not bad. My mom ate so much she started crying. ‘Agh, my son's all grown up…’


At that time, he was pretty famous in that dorm of his. The reason being he was the only one in the school with a big kitchen knife. When everyone made dinner, if they wanted to chop up a chicken or duck or whatever, it was his knife they'd all borrow. Not only did he get popular, he also got another nickname: Big Knife Xu.


Big Knife Xu, was good-looking when he was little (there've been pictures on the blog before), over-spoiled any chance they could get. What? He never looks any good to me! Since this person first popped out, he's been a lazy little bum. I couldn't learn anything from him if I wanted to, everyday is play day. Something tastes good always have to share a piece with him.


Big Knife Xu, not as cute grown up as he was he was small. Honest kid, this; nice face, just like my mom. But how does mom still see him as a beautiful man? ‘Like Lu Yi, or Takura Kimura, they're nowhere near as goodlooking as him.’ She often gets teased by dad and I: ‘Heavens!!! Don't ever say this outside, people will laugh their teeth off at you.’ Mom's never convinced: ‘What do you two know?’


Yesterday I had a solo press conference. Big Knife Xu was called up to fill the stage by Taihe Rye Music and H999, and the right away there were eager media telling me to drag him into the entertainment circle. OMG, if my mom heard that she'd beam like the sun: ‘I always said my son was good-looking…’


I beg you all, forgive my family……

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