16 June 2006

Stories from 16 June 2006

Mongolia: Protest Claims Life

Yan notes that a protester in Mongolia has died after a confrontation with security forces. The protest was over mining issues and Yan says that the ongoing public debate over mining in Mongolia could stand to be more civil.

Georgia: The Paradox of Choice

Sue of SueAndNotU writes about Georgia's regional food specialties and remarks that the constant availability of foods in the United States denies Americans some of the great pleasures of unavailability.

Turkmenistan: Scorned

Peter says that Turkmenistan's president has lost patience with foreign powers making plans for his country without consulting him and notes that this is translating into opportunities for Russian and Chinese companies.

Costa Rica: Grown Men Crying

  16 June 2006

Uri Ridelman has some entertaining pictures from the first day of the World Cup when Costa Rica played tournament host Germany. In a related note, Bob Glass explains why “grown men were crying in San José.”

Bolivia: A De-dolarizing Rumor

  16 June 2006

Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas publishes a rumor he received via email that Bolivian President “Evo [Morales] will de-dolarize the Bolivian economy and turn all deposits held in American dollars (USD) to Bolivian Bolivianos (BOB) at an exchange rate of BOB5 per USD, effectively stealing 37% of the savings of people who hold...

Ukraine: Blue-Orange Coalition?

LEvko of Foreign Notes writes about the disappointing possibility of a coalition between Yushchenko's Our Ukraine and Yanukovych's Party of the Regions: “Does anyone really know anymore what he really wants or in what direction he is heading?”

Ukraine: Hotels

Varske of Wu Wei writes about Kyiv's hotels: “Kiev hotels are notorious for being expensive, whether good or bad. At least now there are some international chains trying to set standards for the locals. Yesterday I rang up a small hotel recommended by a work colleague, who like it so...

Mexico: Participitory Radio

  16 June 2006

Radio host (and now blogger) Ana Maria Salazar invites readers to participate in an online chat following her Saturday night radio program “Seguridad Total.” Also on Saturday, a gay pride parade in Mexico City.

Ukraine, Russia: Dreams of a Biased Person

Ukrainian LJ user parasolya may admit to her anti-Russian bias a bit too eagerly, but all she wants is for Ukraine to be on friendly – and neutral – terms with Russia, a democratic variation of the USSR, sort of (UKR): I've borrowed a Russia [photo] album at work, they...

Indonesia: World Cup Fever & Minister Blog

  16 June 2006

Despite Indonesia never reaches final round of Football/Soccer World Cup post-1945 of its independence, soccer has always been the most favorite sports ever in the country. So, no wonder then if majority of Indonesian bloggers give one or two postings dedicated to the biggest event on earth now being held...