15 June 2006

Stories from 15 June 2006

China: fabricated World Cup News

  15 June 2006

ESWN translated a local news report on the massive fabrications made by Chinese reporters on World Cup. For example, a reporter without a pass wrote an exclusive interview with FIFA World Cup committee chairman Franz Beckenbauer!

China: Google.cn moved to Beijing

  15 June 2006

Williamlong explains that earlier this month internet users could not access google.cn. Now the server is moved to Beijing. It implies that google.cn will be more stable by subjecting itself to the list of censored keywords (zh).

Mexico: Politics and Cows in Mexico City

  15 June 2006

Boz has posted some pre-election notes from his recent time in Mexico City. In other news from the capital, José Luis López says that Cow Parade – the art phenomenon which started in Zurich – just ended its Mexico City leg and is now headed for Guadalajara. You can see...

Philippines: Fast Food and Health

  15 June 2006

Dr. Emer at Parallel Universes talks about a consumer group in the US suing a fast food chain for using oil with trans fatty acids that might cause coronary heart diseases. The blogger, concerned about health issues observes the popularity of the same chain in Philippines and says “As they...

Interview with Leo Prieto

  15 June 2006

(he doesen't surf the internet, he dives into it!) Leo Prieto has blogger activism in his DNA. He has lived in countries like Thailand and Holland, and now resides in Chile. He has personally taught more than 2,000 people in Chile to better understand “Web 2.0” and use blogs. He...

Singapore: Online Auctions

  15 June 2006

Indi at indirani.net is asking the Singapore government to regulate how buyers and sellers behave on online auctions. “I am saying this because 99.9% Singaporeans tends to perfectly obey what the government instructs them to do so and what better way than to ask the Singapore government to help us...

Cambodia: Ramvong – Ramvong Disco in London

  15 June 2006

Andy Brouwer points to an Ramvong Disco being organized in London. For people who don't have experience with this traditional Cambodian Dance, Andy posts a diagram of hand/feet movements to get one started.

Malaysia: Serpent Valley

  15 June 2006

Malaysian blogger Alvin Lim points to an article about an archeological site in Malaysia that was seat of a pre-islamic civilization.

Kazakhstan: Kazcosmos Guest Workers

Leila of neweurasia translates a Russian language post about Kazakhstan's entry into the space industry. The country has launched two of its own satellites from its launching facilities at Baikonur and now it has plans to woo foreign aerospace professionals to work in Kazakhstan.

Armenia: A320 Crash Investigation

Nessuna notes that the analysis of the black box from the Armenian jet that crashed near Sochi recently is finished, but says that it does not answer all the questions about the crash. She also says that the results of the investigation should be public.

Guyana: Blog performance

  15 June 2006

Guyana Providence Stadium assesses the performance of a few Guyanese blogs. Among the category headings is “started out hot & sweaty and then simply fizzed out”.

Trinidad & Tobago: The clash with England

  15 June 2006

“How dare a man be six foot seven and called Crouch?” writes Jeremy Taylor at the Caribbean Beat Blog, in his entertaining account of Trinidad & Tobago's clash with England today at the World Cup.

Barbados: Enron was here

  15 June 2006

Barbados Free Press points out the fallaciousness of Prime Minister Owen Arthur's assertion that “Happily, we in the Caribbean have thus far been spared Enron-type experiences,” by reminding us that Enron used Barbadian and other Caribbean “offshore companies and banks to set up some 900 front companies to facilitate the...

Bahamas: Sustainable tourism

  15 June 2006

The Bahamian tourism industry is almost 200 years old, writes Nicolette Bethel, but that longevity may in fact work against its becoming a sustainable enterprise. “It’s not sustainable because it doesn’t place the uniqueness of The Bahamas — our landscapes, our culture, our selves — at the centre of the...

India: Culture specific nursery rhymes

  15 June 2006

A hilarious post on Domain Maximus as a response to the govenrment in one state deciding that traditional nursery rhymes were to be done away with. He comes up with a bunch of side splitting new ones that are more culture specific.

Pakistan: Germany's Economy

  15 June 2006

Light Within on the impact on Germany's economy thanks to the World Cup. “Last time the world paid so much attention to Germany was 16 years ago when the (Berlin) Wall came down. During ongoing World Cup 2006 German government, businesses, economists and politicians are hoping for a kick, to...

Nepal: April Revolution and after

  15 June 2006

History is rewritten rather fast after the April Revolution in Nepal. United We Blog! on “Meeting half a dozen Janaandolan (People’s Movement) victims who are trying to cope with post-treatment life, our blogger probes beneath their dreams, desires, anxieties and sorrows and concludes that they have become forgotten heroes.”

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