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Global Voices in Chinese!

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Last September, Taiwanese blogger Portnoy started translating Global Voices posts [1] into Chinese – not all of them, that would be impossible for one person, but picking and choosing things he thought the Chinese speaking world ought to know more about.

Portnoy's translation hobby has now turned into a full blown GVO Chinese Translation Project [2], which he recently announced on his blog here [3]. Translated GVO posts are being published on two blogs: one in mainland China [4] using simplified Chinese characters, and the other in Taiwan [5] using traditional Chinese characters (which is blocked in China because the so-called Great Chinese Firewall [6] blocks many Taiwan-based blogging platforms).

Here is how Portnoy describes the translation group's motivations:




To put it simply the GVO Translation Project has two purposes:

First, to relate perspectives from other parts of the world to the Chinese speaking world through translation.

Second, to provide points of view that the mainstream media neglects, so that the Chinese online world can converse with bloggers in other countries.

If you are fluent in Chinese and want to help translate GVO, click here [7]for Portnoy's full write-up in Chinese on how you can get involved. There is a GVO [8]翻譯小組 [8] Google Group [8], as well as a GVO [2]翻譯計畫 [2] wiki [2]hosted at Taipedia [9].

If you have questions about the project, please hit the comments section on this post and Portnoy will respond. We certainly hope that Chinese speakers from all over will be interested in helping out.

Congratulations to Portnoy and his group for getting this important project off the ground!!

Naturally, Global Voices welcomes grassroots translation efforts in all languages.