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Pressuring change through blogging

Categories: East Asia, Brunei, Citizen Media, Education, Freedom of Speech

Following the quote I took from Brunei Resources's blog [1];

 "We (the government) require pressure from outside and this is where blog readers can come in to help spread the knowledge."

and my subsequent call for more Bruneian Bloggers [2] to help aid progress in the country;

"If only there are more of us!" 

LSM churned out a post in OurLocalStyle [3] that digged much deeper and said that the issue is not in number – it is in substance. 

Brunei bloggers can pressure a change be it in the education system or in the larger setting of society. I don’t think the problem lies in getting people to blog or even to get them to leave comments. Rather, it’s in encouraging thought-provoking posts and discussions relevant to the Brunei paradigm.

This was then followed by a comment cum blogpost by One Way Down The Highway [4] which highlights the possibilities that the lack of substance is connected to the nature of the Bruneian Education System which does not really encourage "thinking outside the box".

Your assertion “Brunei bloggers can pressure a change be it in the education system…” is a chicken and egg situation. Brunei’s education system does not sufficiently provide us with the necessary skills to articulate such tasks. And majority of the minority naturally endowed with such gifts run as fast as they can, anywhere, to get away from the system that once stifled, and still does, their ability to think and belief that they can change the nation for better.