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Zarqawi: More Blogger Reactions

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The blogs keep analysing…

Baghdad Treasure was at a press conference [1] near the Iraqi parliament when the news broke. And he was happy. “We held our breath for a second and then a loud “Mabrook” [Congratulations] was said by one of the radio stations reporters. Few minutes later, journalists started congratulating each other.”

He pictures those killed in terrorist attacks and says:

“Although everybody knows that I am against the U.S. occupation to Iraq, I believe what they did in helping the Iraqis kill Zarqawi was a good real step for a better Iraq after three years of destruction and struggle. It’s only now that I feel the US forces are really serious and want to get rid of the terrorists who came as a reaction to their occupation to the country in a way or another. It’s only now I felt that they really want to accomplish their mission and go back home soon. I really hope that what I am feeling is right.”

Baghdad Dweller is with a TV crew on the streets of Beirut [2] interviewing people for reactions to the killing of Zarqawi. But they were under the strict instructions only to gather pro-occupation opinions (go figure!). Of the 30 people they talked only 3 were ‘suitable’. The rest were like this:

“They are the Americans who create Zarqawi, and now they don’t need this myth anymore”.

“As long as the occupation exists then there will be many other Zarqawis”.

Best opinion I heard today was:

“The Americans announce the death of Zarqawi because they wanted to show support for Iraq’s new government, but Zarqawism is not dead they left the option open to use another name or names“.

And the emotions keep rolling in:

Hala_s is happy. [3] She was going to post a depressing tale of her mother being forced, for the first time, to go out of her house in Baghdad wearing a headscarf, but that was yesterday: “Today I feel I cannot finish it….Why ? Because I am happy, very happy indeed. You all know why. Zarqawi is finished.” she writes. “Things might not improve or change instantly, but this will definitely have a positive effect on Iraqis. It will bring back a long lost confidence; not in the government but in themselves and the future. The tables are turning at last.”

and Neurotic Wife is bitter [4].

“there is this little time to be happy, slightly happy that the death of Zarqawi may be a good start…A Good start for the new Iraq…

And to those who are mourning now the death of their Hero, I can only say…Shame on you…Your Hero has now joined Satan and his clan in God's Hell…May their torture be that of the utmost level…I hope you will join them in hell too….As the saying goes…An Eye for an Eye…”