Exploding at the Iraqi Blogodrome

Finally a piece of news that mainstream media and blogs generally agree with. This morning the Iraqi Prime Minister announce that “We have eliminated Zarqawi”. And the news hit like an explosion on the Iraqi blogs.

Among the first to break with the news was Truth About Iraqi's.

Hell awaits this character known as “Zarqawi” if this news is confirmed.

No more four-hour speeches against Shia, Sunni or anyone else.

Bin Laden's days numbered? Let's hope all these scum are erased.

BUT, I hope this does not deter or divert attention from the HADITHA MASSACRE. That investigation MUST continue. And those responsible for killing Iraqi civilians must be punished.

And Iraq The Model was not far behind. Omar was pleased to say the least:


He goes goes on to provide some background information on the town where he was killed.

And with the happiness comes the analysis:

Riot Starter is skeptical: “The first thing that occured to me at hearing the news was “A much needed victory, huh?”. It is indeed a much needed victory for a Prime Minister who's status wasn't as he would have liked it to be. … And to all governments he's been an ideal scapegoat when it comes to justifying failures. But the thing is, if he's for real and has got followers, shouldn't we be more afraid now? If he existed and had followers, they're most likely to be outraged and planning to make everybody suffer for a payback. If he doesn't exist, … then his death won't make any difference for real. Now the our government as well as “other governments” will start looking pretty bad when they can't blame it all on terrorism and on “The Godfather of secterian killings and terror in Iraq” because they've announced him dead. Well it's two-way thing, they've announced him dead to appear good, just not for long enough.”

and Fatima is thoughtful:

How do I feel about that? … Iraqis have been suffering for decades now, going from war to war to war to sanctions to war. … They are tired. They want to move on. They are not happy that their country has been invaded, and much less so that the situation has only deteriorated after this invasion in terms of security and peace. …

I can safely say that most Iraqis are happy, even ecstatic, with this news, but skeptical. Zarqawi was not a lone worker. He had a following, and they can continue their work without him. …

I do not wish death or punishment on anyone, not even those who hurt me. I only wish them guidance. I think Zarqawi may have thought he meant well, but he did it in all the wrong ways. May God show us what is right and allow us to follow it.

And Finally

Here are some parting words from the blogodrome.


Zarqawi without doubts went into the bottom of the Hell with blood of many innocent children, women and men in his dirty hands.

There were celebrations going on now in the holly city of Najaf and Kerbala. On the other hands there are sadness and shock among his allies in the region and abroad like Al-Jazeera Qatari TV and other Arab pro-terrorists thugs.

Zarqawi and his aides simply went to Hell and this is the worst fate for any one like them.


The BASTARD is DEAD!!!!!! 999 left to go, at least its a begining, i have never been more happier than when they caught the Rat in the hole!

Baghdad Treasure:

Today is a great day in Iraq. … Congratulations to all the Iraqi people and to all those who suffered from the Zarqawi terrorism…

Iraqi Pundit:

Iraqi women are ululating in the shy, face-covering manner of my country, and Iraqi men are boisterously firing celebratory shots in the air.

and Fayrouz:

Al-Zarqawi is dead. Good riddance.riddance. Who's their next leader in Iraq?


  • Robert J. Downey

    The Iraqis must unite in the streets to support their new government. They must vocally and en masse call for the removal of terrorists from their soil. Show the world that the Iraqi people want to live in peace with their newly formed democratic republic. Now is time.

  • hoyle kiger

    The killing of Zarqawi will not deter the violence in Iraq. You don’t
    stop a “cause” by killing high-profile individuals. For years Israel
    told the world that the elimination of Arafat would pave a quicker road to peace. Violence begets violence. A lasting peace in Iraq or
    anywhere in the world will only come when violence is no longer used
    to achieve the ends.

  • Jay Bunker

    Honest America,
    I implore you, don’t be fooled by this single killing. We have bred 100’s of terrorists in the past years by our ignorance and dishonesty. We have to make our leaders more accountable to the citizens they represent by looking at issues of importance with clairity and honesty. That is the only way we can defeat the enemy.

  • […] If one looks back at how bloggers reported Zarqawi’s killing with the execution of Saddam; the contrast is striking. Then there was almost a united joy at the event. This time there is a distinctive split, with only political bloggers on one side and everyone else on the other. Contrast hardened political blogger Mohammed of Iraq the Model and British-based Eye-Raki with non-political teenager HNK: Mohammed:Outside Iraq people will divide over his hanging, just like they divided over his life and rule but here in Iraq most of us feel that today justice has been served. Those who mourn him are a few and are still living in the past that has no future in Iraq. and Eye Raki:People’s reaction to this execution is, i think, a true measure of what they are made of. The ones that are outraged at his death, are the probably the ones who support terrorism, fund terrorism or are terrorists themselves. The fools that are saying this was an unlawful execution and that Saddam was a legitimate ruler seem to have a very short memory versus HNK:I think I was wrong.. … My opinions changed from the first year I wrote in this blog. I thought in that time that everything is going to be good and acceptable for all of us but I was wrong my friend, I was so wrong. I was wrong when I said that Saddam don’t mean to me anything. I was wrong when I said that I think he is a bad guy … from now, I won’t say anything bad about Saddam because I don’t know whether he was right or wrong . But I know that the people who came after Saddam is Evil and worse than devil and Saddam was better than them…… […]

  • […] 在這陣子,我抽出部份的時間,平均大概一週一篇中等長度的文章,以我的能力大概要耗去一個下午,我自己覺得loading還好。在翻譯的過程中,自己也讓「光」灑在身上,感受到這個世界上其他地方,所發生的,所談論的,那種感覺真的很不錯。舉個例子而言,要不是我最近翻了Exploding at the Iraqi Blogodrome(中文版尚未上稿 中文版上稿了),不常看外電的我都沒注意到原來基地組織的頭頭最近被宰掉了(我一直很想在翻譯裡這樣翻,可惜不行 :p ),以及這個消息在伊拉格部落圈裡所帶出的想法。而且在翻譯的過程中,還提到了 HADITHA 大屠殺事件,也讓我多得知了這個消息。這些東西在國內的電子媒體裡似乎很少著墨,上週末我在電視上看到的「國際新聞」竟然是一群記者去華府堵黃芳彥的新聞…. […]

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