1 June 2006

Stories from 1 June 2006

Bahamas: Land speculation and fake web sites

  1 June 2006

Larry Smith at the Bahama Pundit blog reports that a fake web site has been set up to divert users away from Bahama Pundit and the articles published there about the Rum Cay development. “It appears that some people think these comments, and later information posted by me, are impacting...

Mexico: Hairy Accusations

  1 June 2006

VivirLatino describes the spectacle surrounding a comment by Italian pop star Tizziano Ferro who accused Mexican women of being mustachioed. Carlos Bravo, with some photoshopping ingenuity, says it's going to take a lot more than an apology to win back any fans in Mexico.

Mongolia: HIV Case #22

Luke Distelhorst reports that Mongolia has possibly identified its 22nd case of HIV infection and says that widespread testing is needed in the country to determine how widespread the disease is.

Kazakhstan: Zazhigalka on Fire

The LiveJournal community has Астана и Мы (Astana & We) photos of the fire in Kazakhstan's tallest building, which was known by its nickname, “the lighter,” the name it received because of its shape. (Russian)

India: The Great Indian Middle Class

  1 June 2006

Does a section of the Media find the middle class in India an easy punching bag? Confused responds to a scathing attack on the middle class with a cogent analysis of where the Middle Class stands, and who has benefited from various programmes of the government.

Argentina: More Borges

  1 June 2006

“I have committed the worst sin of all That a man can commit. I have not been Happy….” That is from Borges’ poem “El remordimiento” [Remorse], which Jeff Barry reviews in his 12th of “30 Days with Borges”. The trilingual blog Trendy Palermo Viejo has photos of Borges’ childhood home...

Kamla: Talking to Indu the Masseuse

  1 June 2006

Kamla has a podcast interview (in Hindi) of Indu, a masseuse. “Barely educated, Indu has been working since she was a young girl. Indu's role model is her mother, who taught her to be self-reliant and be economically independent.”

Pakistan: Karachi Anime Convention

  1 June 2006

Misha on the Karachi Anime Convention 2006 – “Anime, as opposed to popular opinion, is generally different from cartoons in that it has a very specific way of animation that sets it apart from, say Disney or Hannah-Barberah style animations. ” and links to an Orkut Community for Anime Lovers...

Honduras: Collaborative Media

  1 June 2006

Josh of Hacking in Tegus introduces his readers to two Honduran websites (ES). Honduras News Daily (ES) reminds him of Digg and Newsvine because anyone can register and publish a news item. La Truchita (ES), on the other hand, is more like Craigslist where registered users can post items they...

Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela: Surplus Investment

  1 June 2006

In a rare English-language post, Guccio reveals his theory on Venezuela's foreign investment of surplus oil revenue. Noting that Chile invested its copper revenue surplus in foreign banks, he suggests, “if for Chile the best option were to save in a bank, it seems that for the Venezuela, the best...

Chile: Student Protests Overwhelm Santiago

  1 June 2006

Referring to the student protests that have engulfed Santiago, Fernando Flores says that he has always considered education to be the Achilles heel of Chile (ES). Grafica Rebelde has photos and video of the protests. Atina Chile reminds readers (ES) that there is an entire category on the education debate....

United Arab Emirates: Customer Service

Keefieboy describing the customer service policy of the major telecommunication company in UAE: We're only a phone company and ISP, but we behave like a totalitarian dictator. We charge enormous fees for our services. We only give you half the Internet and criminalise access to the other half. We lie...

Bahrain: Boycott ISP

In a united front, people (including bloggers) in Bahrain are expressing their annoyance on the Kingdom's ISP in a way never witnessed in Bahrain before, Silly Bahraini Girl said.

Bahrain: The Pope has Spoken

He and any other “Christians” have a lot of nerve calling out the Muslim world, while not saying a word about the illegal, immoral unjustifiable war in Iraq which has killed over 100,000 INNOCENT Muslims. When the pope starts speaking out vociferously about American Imperialism, the Chinese government squashing its...