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Indonesia: Earthquake Relief

Categories: East Asia, Indonesia, Citizen Media, Disaster, Governance

The World Wide Help team [1] has set up Java Quake Help Wiki [2]. The team is looking for online volunteers to help them with content and translation on the wiki as well as helping spread the word about the wiki. If you are interested you can email javaquake (at) worldwidehelp.info.

Paras Indonesia has updates [3] on the earthquake relief and rescue efforts. The death toll has climbed upto 5,736 and the number of injured is about 10,700. The Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has temporarily moved his office to Yogyakarta to supervise relief operations.

Australian exchange student Adelvice is helping out in the relief efforts. She has posted some images from Yogyakarta [4] on her Flickr page .