Nepal: Quotes from the streets

Blogdai reports from Nepal – quotes and photographs from the street. An observation on grafitti – “Their political grafitti–often in phrases that span over hundreds of meteres–admonishes any and all to “keep going” and to “continue the struggle” as though some final hidden Maoist plan has yet to be fully realized.”


  • 2:34

    Blogging an exclusive: the real Blogdai will be revealed later this week on Boycott Of Blogdai…are you ready for the truth?

  • Not to obsess or anything, but i check out this site more than occasionally. (I’m a fan of Neha’s)and I’ve just now stumbled upon this response from ol’2:34.

    2:34 and I had various exchanges throughout 2006 and what struck me about this person was the very pronounced lack of point-counterpoint ability. Thoughts would degenerate into shouting (lots of “heh, heh, heh” stuff)and ideas and thoughts bordered on the remedial.

    2:34 was not anomalous. This type of response presents itself frequently over at blogdai ( and it still makes me wonder: Is Nepal ready for serious political discourse? Most of my extended debates are with those who rigidly adhere to some singular point. Be it pro-Maoist or anti-King, arguments at blogdai often consist of myself or someone presenting a good counter argument that begs a reasonable, researched response, only to have the initial singular point repeated again and again–often in capital letters.

    So now, here we are in 2009. Many of those singular, shouted points I encountered have been proven false by the actions of Prachanda’s new administration. Yet, where is the new enlightenment? Was I merely a schill for temporary radical propaganda or are the Nepali people, as a whole, really incapable of taking charge of their own political affairs? Are they doomed to the whims of the Prachanda’s and Koirala’s of the world?

    Obviously, on 2:34’s incorrectly spelled site, the “real blogdai” failed to be revealed. It is as if my dissenting voice was an inherent, ancient evil that needed to be exposed. Pity there remains such a gap in comprehension. It is the ability to address, acknowledge and properly respond to a contrary voice that is essential in developing the skill of compromise: essential for a Nation’s political health and progress.


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