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China: Destitution inspires art

Categories: East Asia, China, Arts & Culture, Development, Environment, Governance, Human Rights, Law, Photography, Protest, War & Conflict

Guangzhou-based Supernaut artist-blogger Frances D'Ath finds inspiration for her death-themed works in the killings and violence which have taken place over the past year in clashes between villagers and Communist authorities in several small villages around southern China's Guangdong province in her post ‘云浮, 汕尾, 太石 and other holiday places [1].’

“My art,” D'Ath writes, “is primarily concerned with the destitution of humanity, and I think there is little more destitute than for someone to have their entire life, history, home, means of eating and earning a living stolen from them by cadres who are no better than imperial thugs reigning over their personal fiefdoms.”