27 May 2006

Stories from 27 May 2006

Turkey is Typing….

It has been a busy week, news wise in Turkey, the continuing dialouge about the Islamic fundamentalist who killed a Turkish judge (reported on GV last week) and the fire at the Istanbul airport has been foremost in the news….but the bloggers seemed to be fairly quiet this week (..that...

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — violence and generals

  27 May 2006

The high levels of violence in the country continue without solutions. Much of the violence is tied to gang activity. Blogger Hunnapuh notes that pressured by the business sector, which fears that foreign investment will avoid a country with high levels of violence, president Tony Saca has finally recognized that...

Indonesia: Earthquake in Java

  27 May 2006

Fatih Sayud has a post on the earthquake in Indonesia. The 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Java island just after dawn and caused the death of around 3000 people.