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Bermuda: Breaking news: gay rights amendment defeated

Categories: Caribbean, Bermuda, Breaking News, Governance, Human Rights, Law, LGBTQ+, Politics

Bermudan MP Renee Webb's private member's bill proposing the amendment of the Human Rights Code to include sexual orientation has just been defeated in the House of Assembly [1], reports Christian S. Dunleavy. “The Bill was defeated in committee, therefore there was no formal vote in the House and therefore — no names. Profiles in courage indeed.” Yesterday, A Limey in Bermuda had attempted to contact all the MPs and find out how they planned to vote [2]. “Don’t be a coward and absent yourself from the vote,” he appealed. This afternoon the Limey reports on the sequence of events inside the House of Assembly [3]: “The difference between a committee vote and a vote in the House seemed pretty academic … it was all the MPs who were present that were voting. Unfortunately some … were in the back room listening to the debate on the radio when the committee vote was moved. As a result, they did not participate in the vote.”