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Pakistan: Blog-o-Aggregator

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Citizen Media

As the readers of some of my posts are well aware, I have complained often about the tedious process of sourcing interesting blog posts to highlight here on GV. One has to spend days, weeks and even months (slight exaggeration) to search for new bloggers to bring into the mix of experienced Pakistani bloggers. I've been choking on the fumes of my trusted rickshaw because I have been riding around so much on the net highways and byways looking for uniquely relevant posts.

In the words of Eddie Izzard, “I am not active researcher. I am a passive researcher, where you let the research come to you”. In order to address my passive research disposition, I had to come up with a solution and quick. It took me eight months to come up with the answer, mainly because my procrastinating nature is evidently much stronger than my passive research side. The solution was a Pakistani Blog Aggregator; a one-stop shop to exhibit all the disparate, active voices in the Pakistani blogosphere.

This concept and the resulting site was developed in partnership with a very dear (blogger) friend, Dr. Awab Alvi (of Teeth Maestro [1] fame) who also recognized the need for such a web site, not because he is passive researcher but because he is an active blogging enthusiast and expert at adapting new blogging techniques, in addition to being a qualified dentist (absolutely true).

So without much further ado, I present to you BLOGGERS.PAKISTAN [2]. It will now finally make it easier for me to peruse the wares of Pakistani Bloggers from around the globe, and highlight the best posts here on GV.

For this week, I bring you a short collection of interesting posts, sourced directly from Bloggers.Pakistan. Windmill warns not to help Amy Bruce [3]; The Glasshouse highlights the rise of an ambitious banker [4]; Fountainhead screams [5] out loud; Tears comments on the members of Pakistan's national assembly [6]; The World highlights Allam Iqbal's commentary on Neitzsche [7]; and finally I break the Da Vinci Code [8].

Motivated by the launch of Bloggers.Pakistan, I am now ready to take on further challenges in life, like how to procrastinate for much longer periods without anyone noticing.