24 May 2006

Stories from 24 May 2006

Russia: Zhirinovsky Tea

Konstantin Dlutskiy of Russian Marketing Blog post a photo of a curious item he stumbled on recently: Zhirinovsky Tea – named after and made for one of the most notorious Russian politicians, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

India: The Musical Bloggers

  24 May 2006

Collaborative blogging and now collaborative music. Blogswara bring out music in three languages where “Everything is done by the bloggers themselves. Lyrics, Music, Orchestration, Vocals, Recording and Mixing. Everything is done online. Everybody works from their own place that is in different parts of the world.” The songs can be...

Nepal: What now for the Maoists?

  24 May 2006

What are the Maoists upto in Nepal? What outcomes do they desire? United We Blog! comments “While the country is readying itself for the first round of peace talks with the Maoists, the rebels are continuing the activities, some say, they are best known for: extortion, intimidation and abductions.”

Nepal: Maoists and Monarchy

  24 May 2006

Nepali Netbook comments on the seeming tough times for the Maoists and their stand on Monarchy. “The thing to measure in the days and weeks ahead, therefore, will be Prachanda’s malleability in his references to the monarchy.”

East Timor: Foreign Peace Force

  24 May 2006

Dili-gence reports that East Timor's President has requested for external help in dealing with the recurring violence in the country. The blogger also analyzes the various parties involved in the conflict.

Philippines: Portraits of young musicians

  24 May 2006

Sidney Snoeck has portraits of young “kalutang” musicians. The “kalutang” is a folk musical instrument made of two pieces of wood and originates from Marinduque province of Philippines.

Malaysia: Finding the Banned Movie

  24 May 2006

Brand New Malaysian finds that one can actually find the video CDs of the banned movie “Lelaki Komunis Terakhir”. The blogger also links to another post that has background information on Chin Peng. The movie features some of the places where Chin Peng lived in and operated from.

Palestine: Land Grab

Olmert plans to remove the smaller settlements and puts it in such a way as if he’s doing the Palestinians a favour! Bush says he accepts the larger settlements (which are illegal under international law) since he considers them “facts on the ground”. So basically the criteria for making a...

Cayman Islands: Gay cruise song

  24 May 2006

With another gay-themed cruise ship about to berth at Grand Cayman, Cayman Bobby is amused by the lyrics of a new song by local artist Barefoot Man recounting Caymanians’ attitudes to the last gay cruise to land on the island and points to some local double standards. Cayblogger disagrees, however,...

Cuba: Accomodating Cuba

  24 May 2006

What approach should nations adopt in relation to Cuba? Pondblog crafts an argument from the following ingredients: an article by the director of the Council for Hemispheric Relations (COHA), a US State Department report on state sponsors of terrorism, and a quotation from former Czech leader Vaclav Havel.

Bermuda: iPoliticians

  24 May 2006

US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's podcast may not be gripping, but according to the Limey, “what's remarkable is that he's doing this at all.” In Bermuda, he adds, “. . . no politician has yet seen the need to have his own blog. The idea that any of them...

Iran: Licence for Blogs?

ITIran blogger talks about what he heard in a meeting in Ministry of Information concerning blogs. This blogger says it seems government is discussing a project to oblige people to ask licence from Ministry of Islamic Guidance before launching blog or site (Persian)!

China: Gays have it better

  24 May 2006

Laowiseass‘ Lalaoshi looks back on his former life as a columnist for China's English-language weekly 21st Century and being banned then from mentioning homosexuality. “Over the past year,” he writes, “other columns in the same paper have mentioned the topic. It looks like the letter writers and the columnists can...