Kurdistance: What's Montenegro Got to Do With It?

And yes, there was the Tina Turner song “What's love got to do with it?” floating in my head in the background when I wrote that title. While the world watched the vote creating an independent Montenegro, the Kurds were watching the same events with mixed feelings.
Hiwa from Hiwa Hopes writes with hope for the new country but in shame as the Kurds have not been able to do the same for themselves:

Montenegro, the lovely coast with 700000 polulation which is less than the population of Slemani is now independent from Serbia, they together were about 10 Million only! Well you could argue its not quantity but quality which makes up a nation and I will definitely agree with you!
Its our fault, its our mistake, its our problem, its our duty, its our need, its our fate, its our laziness, its our cowardness, its our love of mony, love of posts, love of the illusion created by the brits to be called Iraq, its our fear of losing palaces in Slemani, Qala chwalan and Sari Rash, our people are followers like cows the first one to be ME and ancestors.
I feel disgraced and ashamed of myself!

From Holland to Kurdistan, spoke a little more hopefully about the subject:

This case is very important for would-be states like the Kurds. It shows the ambivalent position of the international community towards the formation of new stations.

In 2005 the Kurds voted with 98.8% for independence in South-Kurdistan (Iraqi). The results of this vote were presented to the UN. But they didn’t recognize the importance of this referendum organized by the Kurdish Referendum Movement.

One Kurd said angrily:” I support them too [Montenegro]. To hell with the UN, why doesn't the right of self-determination apply to our 40 million Kurds in our nation?”

The results of this referendum vote weren’t used by the Kurdish parties, who prefer to stay in Iraq. The Kurdish parties say that a Kurdish dream for independence is unrealistic. The current president of Iraq, Jalal Talabani repeatedly called an independent Kurdistan a dream. “No Kurdish officials in Iraq are working for an independent Kurdistan. We are only trying to do something that is possible and reachable,” he said before.

Rasti weighs in on the issue of the recent shootings of Turkish judges by Islamist militants, a subject discussed in last week's Turkey is Typing…

Both Rasti and Hiwa comment on this video of Turkish violence against the Kurds–the video is graphic and shows several Turkish men beating up a lone Kurdish man in broad daylight. Mizgin from Rasti states the following:

Let's not be naive here and fall for the lies. Turkish, Syrian and Iranian “democrats” are dead set against extending “democracy” to the Kurdish people. Even Iraq has continued to insist on its “Arab character,” thus, once again, disenfranchising the 4 to 5 million Kurds who are trapped within its borders. All of these “democrats” wax eloquent on the subject of “democracy” and “equality” and “brotherhood” within their respective regimes, but mention the K-word and the fantasies they attempt to pass off to ignorant Westerners vanish like smoke on a windy day.

Wrap your brain around all of that and then come and tell me who the terrorists are.

In other news, Pearls of Iraq has posted new photos of Kurdistan here and here. And Save RojTV mentioned me! Thanks guys!

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