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Bolivia: Morales Wants the Possibility of Reelection

Categories: Latin America, Bolivia, Governance, Politics

Miguel Centallas, Briegel Busch, and Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas are all concerned by the announcement that Evo Morales will seek a new constitution that allows for reelection of the president and vice-president. Centallas reminds readers [1] that “historically, other Latin American executives have used constitutional changes to stay in power beyond their original mandate. The names Fujimori & Chavez come immediately to mind.” But then adds that “Peru & Venezuela are not models to imitate.” Busch says [ES] [2] that “it's not a question relevant only to Bolivia but for all the neighboring countries and the region in general.” Ruiz-Navajas is even more critical [3]: “Future generations of Bolivians, when [the Movement to Socialism party] is (hopefully) long gone, will judge us and unanimously agree our stupidity. After all, we have had all possible warnings. We have seen what happened in Venezuela and we can be sure Evo is nothing but a puppet.”