22 May 2006

Stories from 22 May 2006

Afghan Whispers: Parliament Talk & Media

According to Yadashtayi az Gharb (Persian) (notes from the West) Mrs. Malai Joya, deputy in Afghan Parliament, talked about Mujahedeens in negative way in front of Mujahedeens deputies and others in Afghan Parliament (Loya Jigra). According to the blogger: “She said there were people who sacrificed their lives when Afghanistan...

Venezuela: Poet Elizabeth Schön

  22 May 2006

Guillermo Parra features Venezuelan poet Elizabeth Schön who he describes as “a writer who has often been overlooked in Venezuela, but whose work has maintained a consistent philosophical and technical rigor throughout her long career.”

Venezuela: Opposition Candidates Win Mayoral Races

  22 May 2006

Both Miguel Octavio and Daniel Duquenal write about yesterday's mayoral elections in Carrizal and Nirgua, which Duquenal describes as “insignificant in the grand scheme of things, though very telling in illustrating the contradictions within Venezuelan politics.”

Nicaragua: Protesting Sodomy Laws

  22 May 2006

Dani Santo Domingo, writing from Costa Rica, says that protesters around Latin America stood outside Nicaraguan embassies in Argentina, Chile, México, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay to speak out against the country's anti-sodomy laws. He has posted pictures from most of the protests.

Argentina: Ale Lago's First EP

  22 May 2006

Fernando Casale has posted the first album of Ale Lago, “published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.5 AR license, so you’re free to copy, share and remix, as soon as you don’t do it for commerial purposes.”

Peru: Reactions to Presidential Debate

  22 May 2006

Maxwell A. Cameron has written an excellent and thorough summary of the presidential debate between Alan Garcia and Ollanta Humala, concluding: “Garcia won on substance, while Humala won on style. The overall effect is unlikely to be decisive.” Gran Combo Club has a review [ES] of the reaction by Peru's...

Montenegro: “It Looks Like Europe Has a New Country”

This past Sunday, 55.4 percent of the voters of Montenegro, the smallest of the six former Yugoslav republics (population slightly over 600,000), decided in favor of independence – by a narrow margin of 0.4%, in a heavy turnout. Below are some bloggers’ reactions to the May 21 referendum results. Doug...

Montserrat volcano watch and West Indies cricket

  22 May 2006

A woman looks at the rear window of her car, broken by a flying rock from the nearby Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, on Saturday. Photo from the Trinidad Express website Nearly eleven years ago, Montserrat’s long-dormant Soufriere Hills Volcano began erupting for the first time in the island's recorded history....

Images from South Asia

  22 May 2006

For my first post on Global Voices I decided to look beyond words and instead look at the subcontinent through the lens of another. Photoblogs in South Asia are abuzz with the chatter of cameras and flickering of the flash; the result is an amazing array of images from Kerala...

South Asia: Men and Women Online

  22 May 2006

Do men and women argue in different ways in online forums? Pickled Politics on gender, the way we argue and the differences. The comment space is especially interesting.