17 May 2006

Stories from 17 May 2006

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  17 May 2006

For the most part, blogs in Bolivia have been used by students, journalists, musicians, private citizens and by those who simply want a platform to write. Governmental institutions have been slow to warm up to the use of technology to respond to the needs of the general public. Most departments...

Chad: What is France doing there?

  17 May 2006

Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique asks (Fr) “What is France doing in Chad? In Africa?” and answers: “The day before yesterday, they waved the communist threat to explain France's presence in Africa. Yesterday Anglo-American jolts justified the need to stay. Today Islamist regimes peak their heads in and explain our...

Mongolia: Mining Association Reaction

Luke Distelhorst reports that the Mongolian National Mining Association held a meeting on the country's new windfall tax law, which has yet to be signed into law by the president. Mongolian mining companies were the most vocal opponents of the legislation.

Kurdistance: Finding Rebirth in Grief

For my regular readers, I apologize for my absence, I lost a much beloved Uncle to Cancer of the Esophagus and was away dealing with family matters. In reading through the Kurdish blogs this week, I found a posting From Holland to Kurdistan with a similar situation: I feel sorry...

Russia: Site Devoted to Victims of Racism

Daut of Ufa Blog is starting a memorial site devoted to the victims of racism in Russia. Some help is needed: “I have an incomplete list and very few photos. I have written various organizations and embassies, but so far haven’t received any replies. If anyone can help, particularly with...

Russia: Orthodox Baptism Ceremony

Browler attends a Russian Orthodox baptism ceremony of a friends’ baby and shares his impressions: “All the children being baptised (there were about seven of them) got quite wet. The priest was sufficiently liberal with his splashing of the holy water. They also had a small bit of hair cut....

Poland: Different Kind of Diaspora

Aaron Fowles of p3 writes about young Polish friends who are planning to go to England to earn some money: “England is a shangri-la for many Polish people. It's the local version of the American dream: Work hard, earn money, be happy. Learn English for free.” Becca of Boo shares...

Mexico: Chilean Anthropologist Beaten and Deported

  17 May 2006

Antropologi.info is justifiably troubled by the deportation and beating of Chilean Anthropologist Valentina Palma when she went to San Salvador Atenco on Thursday, May 4 to document protests that erupted there. We will have much more on San Salvador Atenco and the reaction it has inspired later in the week.

Caribbean: The meaning of “excellent service”

  17 May 2006

Jamaican Francis Wade at Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle thinks about customer service in the Caribbean. “There is not a single island I have visited in which there is a local company giving excellent service to local people.” He tries to understand why, and congratulates the Sandals resort chain for...

Bangladesh: Guantanamo Bay and lack of information

  17 May 2006

Or how I leart to stop worrying comments on the information released on the two Bangladeshi detainees at Guantanamo Bay. “The information released by the Pentagon, on close examination, suggests that after 4 years of detention the United States Government does not have complete or accurate information on, at the...

Barbados: Common entrance examination

  17 May 2006

“Monday was Common Entrance Exam day in Barbados,” writes Titilayo at The Pan Collective. She explains why this exam (sometimes called 11-plus), which determines which secondary schools children will attend, is such a big deal. “To a child that age, it can probably feel like your entire future is hanging...

Pakistan: Who was Aamir Cheema

  17 May 2006

Lahore Metroblogging on a young student Aamir. “Aamir Cheema was a student in Germany. Apparently he went to assassinate the editor of Die Welt newspaper for publishing the infamous cartoons. Security arrested him in the lobby of the building and he was allegedly carrying a knife and told the police...

India: SMS Culture

  17 May 2006

Text messaging in India has found use across sectors. From finding cricket scores, to booking rituals in a temple. Kamla on the SMS culture in India.

Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia: Network neutrality

  17 May 2006

Caribbean bloggers are making noise about the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Efficiency Act of 2006, currently before the US Congress, which would permit “broadband discrimination” by ISPs. “It seems odd that the rest of the world has such little influence on this decision when so much of the world will...