11 May 2006

Stories from 11 May 2006

Chilean Blog Contest: The Winners

  11 May 2006

While some bloggers in the world have legal problems because of posting their ideas on their blogs, it's ironic that in Chile were celebrating the first Latin America Blog contest. More than 2000 bloggers from 12 countries inscribed in the Atina Blog Awards. The first jury was the bloggers themselves,...

Mexico: Roadblocks in Chiapas

  11 May 2006

Dave Pentecost wonders what caused the roadblocks in Chiapas to later find via Google News that a protest took place yesterday to commemorate the 87th anniversary of the assassination of Emiliano Zapata, namesake of the Zapatista rebels.

Armenia: Political Shakeup

At Blogrel, Harmick writes that Armenia's speaker of the parliament has stepped down and that his party has resigned from the ruling coalition government. He goes on to say that this may be the start of a credible opposition in Armenia.

Armenia: Yezidi Funeral

Onnik Krikorian attended a Yezidi funeral and has photos from it as well as an interview about Yezidi music's role in the culture and its relation to Muslim Kurdish music.

Colombia: Easing Abortion Laws

  11 May 2006

Noting that “Colombia is a very Catholic country,” Steven Taylor mentions yesterday's decision by the constitutional court to allow abortions “in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother or foetus is in danger.” BlueElephant opines (ES) that “hypocrisy remains latent, but this small step should be...

Bolivia: Media Reaction to Gas Nationalization

  11 May 2006

Justin Delacour links to an article on Upside Down World about the international press’ reaction to Bolivia's nationalization of gas resources. Jim Shultz reminds readers to ” not lose track of the big picture: At the end of the day Bolivia will develop its gas and oil through some kind...

Brazil, Ecuador: “Is There Racism in Latin America?”

  11 May 2006

Tanya Hernandez, focusing on Brazil, asks “is There Racism in Latin America and What Does That Mean for Race Relations in the United States?” One commenter responds, “If I must choose my poison (racism), I'll choose the American brand. Latin American racism is made more pernicious by the fact that...

Sri Lanka: Peace, Women and ICT

  11 May 2006

ICT for Peacebuilding has a feature on women and ICT. “ICT4Peace needs to embrace this rich texture of gender dynamics in the development of cutting-edge ICT solutions for strengthening peace processes.”

Reunion: Legend of the Bride's Veil

  11 May 2006

According to a local legend, the falls at Salazie, says (Fr) Audrey at Reunion Passion, are shaped like a bride's veil because a runaway bride once fell along the mountain's side. The blogger posts breathtaking pictures.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Exam time

  11 May 2006

As high school students in St. Vincent gear up for the CXC exams and observe last-day traditions such as the signing of each other's school shirts, Abeni waxes nostalgic about her own school leaving. With employment at more than 20%, however, she finds it hard to feel optimistic about the...

Caribbean: New West Indies anthem

  11 May 2006

At the Trinidad & Tobago World Cup blog Stacy-Marie Ishmael parses some of the mixed reactions to the new West Indies anthem, which was sung for the first time at yesterday's Trinidad & Tobago v. Peru football match in Trinidad.

China: Death metal opera

  11 May 2006

Frances at Supernaut describes the choreographing process in preparation for her co-produced death metal Cantonese opera set to show this weekend: “I'm working in a way that is far more satisfying choreographically, and profoundly more interesting and involving as a performer and as an audience, but quite inimical to the...

Afghanistan: Mafia!

Afghan Penlog is a new collective blog which wants to bring afghan blogs together. On its last writing, we read about freedom of expression and Afghanistan's mafia problem. According to blog, country is on the edge to fall in mafia's trap completely.

Iran: Command Economy!

Ali Mazroi, reformist politician & blogger, says Iranian economy is a command economy where government controls 80% of it. Blogger adds according to statistics 20 percent of Iranian households receives 48% of national income (Persian).