The week that was, in the Moroccan blogosphere

Once again, an Egyptian blogger is detained. I'll start today by urging the Egyptian Government to release Alaa and the other activists detained for having expressed their political opinion.

I don't know yet why no one can access M.S Hjiouj‘s blog(Ar) since last week, and I sincerely hope it has nothing to do with censure.
I already feel that the Moroccan blogosphere is missing one of its very interesting members. Hjiouj is asking for help to explain and solve “error 400″.

The Muslim Democrat of the Year

Soumiaz is asking what does the Moroccan Government want? And she refers in her post to the Moroccan independent newspaper Le Journal hebdomadaire(Fr) accused of defamation, and condemned(Fr) to pay $340.000.

What is the message here, I really don’t get it. Do they or do they not want us Moroccan to evolve?

Karim, one of the contributors to ARAB OBSERVERS doesn't seem to approve the choice of Saadeddine El Othmani as the Muslim Democrat of the Year in the Arab world by the Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID).

To me, the choice was a bit of a surprise. But I have to admit that I don't know much about the guy to be able to make a judgment…

Did you say Tamazight?

Moh has a blog(Fr)! That was my good news of yesterday morning. Who's Moh? Well, I don't know much about him except the fact that he makes sense when he comments (Fr) to controversial debates.
I like his blog, although I don't think he's even trying to get the reader's attention since he doesn't even allow comments. It seems that he just writes for fun, and it's really nice. Too bad for those of you who don't read French , you are missing an occasion to laugh loud the way I did when I went through Moh‘s post about his mom's journey in an international American airport. It's hilarious!

Moh‘s mom is Amazigh(Fr) and she only speaks her native language. The custom woman doesn't seem to understand that Tamazight is not Arabic, nor it is likely to be any other language she could think about. Still, she doesn't accept that Moh translates for his mother, which leads to some funny situations. At the end, Moh‘s mom, amazed by the imbroglio that she was causing, couldn't help laughing in a hysterical way. So hysterical that the whole situation became comic and ludicrous rather than offensive…

Ghasbouba is posting about the Royal institute for the Amazigh culture(Fr) and the Moroccan Government who got together to decide(Fr) what to do about introducing Tamazight in the Moroccan Media.

let’s see how that goes.

Sex, love and nostalgia

Do you think sex is important before marriage(Fr)? Asks Nadia in her post trying to get some statistics on how her blog's visitors see an active sexual life before tying the knot.

Najlae‘s hot chocolate has the taste of the future. And her post has the taste of a hidden fear of the future(Fr) far from Le Campanile(Fr).

Hujaina lives a nightmare when she realizes that her family's guest refuses to eat(Fr) if he has to share the meal with…women!!

Selwa celebrates her 31st birthday with a nostalgic(Fr) note. Happy birthday Selwa, and you really look…23!

Bsima wants to burry her souvenirs(Fr) and shed her tears…Come'on Bsima, cheer up!

In a very melodious note, Jihane shares her love to her father(Fr) with the visitors of her blog.

Coup de Coeur

I'm not going to introduce you to my new favorite blog today, but I want you to discover Samir, a very special blogger. He's one of the contributors to the very interesting blog THE VIEW FROM FES and he's no one else but Sandy McCutcheon, the prominent Australian author, playwright, actor, journalist and broadcaster.

His latest novel Black Widow has been described as one of the most important novels of the year.

That's it for today, and since I'm flying to Morocco for a long vacation, I won't see you before 6 weeks. But I promise to come back with fresh news about the very interesting Moroccan blogosphere.

So see you soon, Inshallah!


  • jeff

    can moh or someone help me contact moh pleaaase!

  • le blog de Moh est un Coup de Coeur .
    10x Farah .

  • I want to update your readers about a story that was broken up by the Moroccan blogger Aissam on Tuesday. He was an eyewitness of a terrible tragedy of police brutality at the university campus of Rabat (Souissi). The incident has left many students injured and parts of the dormitory destroyed. Aissam was the first to write about the story and the Moroccan media is now trying to distort the story.

    Regarding M.S Hjiouj, he’s just started a new blog about Moroccan issues.


  • Thank you foula for your interest in Tamazight. i ppresiated your comments about postings about this “Huge” issue: tamazight.
    Moha has a very cool and elegant style. he conveys massages of tamazight consciousness in the softest ways. i like his style and i think this is one of many ways to make a change in the moroccan identity awareness.
    Foula there are many blogers out there who write about tamazight they are part of the moroccan blog shpere. very interesting people.

    Jeff: may be a way of etting ahold of Moh is to visit:
    this is another location for his story and others.
    that you again,

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