8 May 2006

Stories from 8 May 2006

Mexico: Abuse of Force in Salvador Atenco

  8 May 2006

With a title quoting the Commissioner of State Security, Wilfrido Robledo Madrid who said that “in Atenco the police did not carry firearms,” Eduardo Arcos posts a photo of a policeman pointing his pistol. Enlace Zapatista has an audio speech, photo gallery, and transcription (ES) which accuses Mexico's mainstream media...

DRC: Reflections on Sovereignty

  8 May 2006

Prince du Fleuve du Congo reflects (FR) on foreign involvement in Congolese politics: “We made a big mistake when we accepted to sit around a table with foreigners to engage in power sharing at Sun City… Today we must recognize that the transition was not a solution, that elections will...

Kifaya Under Arrest

There's a gentle spring breeze blowing in Brooklyn, and the sounds of kids playing basketball are coming in through the window from the schoolyard next door. It's early evening, at the end of a sunny weekend. Across the street, neighbors are singing intentionally off-key to an earnest version of “Wimoweh.”...

Barbados: More on the death boat

  8 May 2006

Barbados Free Press posts a follow-up to an earlier entry concerning the boat found adrift off the Barbados coast containing the corpses of 11 men. It would appear the men were en route from Senegal to the Cape Verde islands.

Haiti: New Haiti-Based Haitian Blog

  8 May 2006

Parlons Peu uses the blog medium to publish (FR) his father Marcel Salnave's journalistic works from the 40s and 50s. Recent posts include a raving review of Haitian musical prodigy Ernst Lamy written in 1940 and reflections on the Haitian National Bank written in 1946.

South Africa: Zuma Aquitted

  8 May 2006

Black Looks reports that Jacob Zuma has been aquitted of rape……..”The verdict is a loss for the Khwezi and for all the other women who will now be deterred from reporting rape knowing that they cannot expect justice to be done. That their personal lives will be invaded in the...

India: Kashmir beyond the front page

  8 May 2006

Akshay has a breathtaking collection of photographs that he took in Kashmir. He writes “This was not the Srinagar we read about in the papers or see on the news channels. This is not the Srinagar of curfews and bandhs, of grenade attacks, of bomb blasts, of shoot outs, of...

Serbia, Bulgaria: EU Race

Brooke, “a temporary Serb” and author of Desperate Serbwife believes that Bulgaria is “boring” and “certainly not ready for the EU”: “At least you feel like you're in Europe when you're in Belgrade, even if things are still creaking their way out of the decade of conflict. It's simply not...

Poland: High School Finals

Kinuk wishes good luck to the Polish students who are about to take their final exams: “Maturzysci, as the students taking the end-of-school exams (the equivalent of British A-levels) are called, still dress up to write their exams. Black trousers or black skirts for some, white shirt or blouse and...

Belarus: Opposition's New Direction

In his weekly roundup of Belarusian politics, Tobias Ljungvall discusses the recent shift within the opposition: “Apparently, Lebedko sees a bigger role for himself, and is also proposing a more radical style of work than that which the thoughtful Milinkevich stands for. Milinkevich, on the other hand, is now equally...