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Chernobyl remembered and the Amazigh poetry enjoyed in the Moroccan blogosphere

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Two very interesting Moroccan blogs are celebrating the first year of their existence. So I'll start by wishing a happy birthday to M.S Hjiouj [1](Ar) and BLOGS MULTIPLES [2](Ar).
Atmani [3](Ar) I would like you to know that I have nothing against your political posts, and that it's always a joy for me to visit your blog.

Jewish vs Muslim..again!

Slix writes about Matisyahu [4], the popular Hasidic Jewish reggae artist and asks if a Muslim singer with beard and turban would have had the success [5](Fr) Matisyahu is enjoying. Except for Mchicha [6](Fr) who answered yes to the question, all the comments agreed that the Muslim singer won't stand a chance because of his displaying of his faith.

I couldn't help reading Slix's post again and again and going through the comments again and again. And I simply think it's scary to realize that young graduate intellectual Moroccans are starting to consider what USA think as the one and only reality in the world. I mean, why would a Muslim beard turbaned singer reach the approval of an American audience with a Christian-Judaic religious background instead of performing in the huge Islamic world?
We have many examples of religious singers with big audience, isn't enough?
What about the Muslim observant singer Sami Youssef [7] whose albums have taken the Islamic world by storm!!

Or is it that important to receive the approval of the American critics, to finally feel secure and accepted..

Matisyahu is popular in the USA , his country, he didn't go to Morocco or Indonesia to beg for attention!!

However, a good and well planned medication campaign would help anyone succeed and be famous in the United States. But this means money. It also means that our dear Muslim rich investors should pay more attention to singers with “real” lyrics instead of promoting songs with bizarre words , such as bah,bah! and oua oua..

Talking about the new wave of famous Arab singers, Samir posted about Haifa Wahbi [8] who requested that her business manager cancel all trips to Morocco and to refuse all requests to hold concerts or interviews [9] with the Moroccan press.

Apparently Haifa’s decision is due to what she thought was the mistreatment she faced during her recent visit to Morocco. Haifa claims she was searched in an inappropriate manner by a female security officer at the airport. When Haifa asked why she was being mistreated, the officer said that she simply does not like her. Well, Haifa dear, not everyone is an adoring fan.

Nadia Yassine [10] vs Descartes [11]..

Descartes's famous statement was “I think, therefore I am”, but Nadia Yassine doesn't seem to be satisfied with it. She prefers to say “I think, therefore I am..who?”. You'll read more about Nadia's Washingtonian journey in Najlae‘s post “Heard in Washington” [12](Fr).

Adel explains in his post the reasons behind his displaying of the “Defend Freedom” slogan with the Danish flag in his blog. He says that he's not against Islam and that he's simply defending freedom [13](Ar) through defending Denmark.

I do believe that people and freedom are much precious than any religious belief.

Karim is urging the visitors [14] of his blog to read Ghassan Sharbal ‘s editorial [15](Ar) about Iran's nuclear ambitions, and how these might affect neighboring Arab states, while Lemrina is remembering the victims [16](Fr) of Chernobyl [17].

Tazart vs her readers..

As usual, I was moved by Tazart‘s post. Her words are so simple yet they have the magical power to take you directly to your childhood . And even if you don't understand Tifinagh [18], the sound of the little voice [19](Ar & Tifinagh) coming from the podcast won't leave you indifferent.

And it's clear that I'm not the only one charmed by Tazart‘s texts since even the comments she receives are nothing less than nice poems making of Hajitk [20](Ar, Fr and Tifinagh) the best place to enjoy Talghatin which is a form of poetry competition between women and men of Amazigh tribes.

That's it for this week. See you next Wednesday, Inshallah.