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Broadening Blogging in Africa by Radio

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Some members of the audience may have been sceptical – “blogging is too complex… where is the power for the connection, the internet is still a luxury” was the comment of one listener – but the BBC World Service Radio [1] programme Network Africa [2] showed that blogging in Africa [3] is a reality – and a growing one.

Here we have two excerpts from the programme – first up our very own Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Editor [4], Sokari Ekine [5] gives an overview:

audio link [6]Sokari gives us the low-down on blogging in Africa [6]

In the studio with presenter Bola Mosuro [7] as the programme was being transmitted live in the morning was a blogger who often features here on Global Voices, Mshairi [8].

In our second excerpt she talks about how easy and free it can be to start a blog in Africa, before her is Malawian blogger Mwai Kasamale talks about the blog he runs with his brother, Malawi Is! [9] and the clip kicks off with the commenter to the programme I mentioned above.

audio link [10] Mwai Kasamale and Mshairi – bloggers on blogging [10]

“We need more education for blogging” is the final comment in that excerpt, sent to the programme via text message from Monrovia in Liberia [11]. The programme provided much information and many links to do just that.