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Belarus: Milinkevich Arrested and Sentenced

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Belarus, Elections, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Human Rights, International Relations, Law, Politics, Protest

Belarus bloggers react to the news of Aleksandr Milinkevich's arrest: Andrei Khrapavitski points out [1] that “today practically all the key names of the Belarusian oppositions have appeared on prison rolls;” TOL's Belarus Blog sees this as “the biggest test [2] for Belarusian people after the falsified presidential election;” and br23 blog writes that this is “the most crucial point [3]“: “If this arrest of the leader produces big enough outcry in the West and strong enough reaction inside the country, we’ll be able to say that Belarus has a new alternative leader. Otherwise, he’ll probably rot in jail (together with mister Kazulin), and Belarus will rot and decompose for another five years at least.”