Dominica: New sports stadium

ThandieLand asks whether the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, an international-standard sporting facility, is a gift or a burden.


  • ann s degallerie


  • Pierre Monero

    What did the Chinese get in return for building the Wisdor Park Sport Stadium, two thirds of Dominica? Maisame!

  • Elton

    I find this is very rude to ask whether they recived two-thirds of Dominica. They are just helping a poor island develop when others are only passing law to restrict its development. As the first person said…We now have one.

  • Zac

    I think that Pierre is more right than the other two on this post. What did China recieve in return, the entire “support” (if you can call it that) of the island of Dominica. Why would such a beautiful wonderful country want to “develope” similar to one of the most wasteful and polluting countries in the world. And for what? poltical power against the small island of Taiwan. I love the look of the new stadium, but just like the look of a towering cruiseship in the port of Roseau, it just looks unnatural and out of place. Also you should ask how many Dominican’s worked on the project. At last count I think it was zilch. NONE. The Chinese brough in all of their own workers to complete the project. Good development strategy. If I were a Dominican (which I’m not) I would question the ties to China. Why wasnt I allowed to have a hand in building something in MY country? Dominca is wonderful without American, Chinese, Columbian or Venezualan influence, but in the end, all these countries are here for Money…and its at Dominica’s expense.

  • oracle

    A gift is something acquired without compensation, so its not really a gift. The compensation will be Dominica’s support of China. Small political price to pay, some might say. A stadium is one of those things that are nice to have. And its a boost for sports, definitely. Are there more essential infrastructural items? Sure. Look at the roads, hospital, sea defenses..airport..

    Its easy to dis the location, facilities within the stadium etc, but it does have its usefulness. Its one more attraction for DA thats for sure.

    So yes, we pay a price for the gift (dont forget the maintenance). There can be rewards if we manage it right (its there already, lets get on with using it). Meanwhile Dominicans wasted no time in forcing the bathrooms closed already in its first two nights at the Creole fest held recently. Do we know what is good for us?

  • cleo

    we are never satisfied, we have a stadium thank u to the chinese people, who came an built it their self, that area was an eyesore, all we need now is excellent management an exposure, we have a stadium like the majority of islands, stop running it down and ask yourself what can i do to help..what some people dont realize is that all over the world people are investing in countrys, islands, people, and of course the chinese are no different,an its not just a stadium,take a look at stadiums in the caribbean,next on the agenda is the reconstrution of that road from roseau to portsmouth, which has so many death traps, where one false move an your taking a death swim with the fish an rocks below. of course am not naive to think that all this help is totlly free,in this world you have to give an take within reason of course, an when china ask for something, if we can do it, or give it, we will, of course within reason…china has been in dominica longer than a lot of people realize…

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