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Bloggers react to Colombo bomblast

Categories: South Asia, Sri Lanka, War & Conflict

Reports of the recent bomb explosion in Colombo trickled in to the Sri Lankan blogosphere today, with veteran political blog Nittewa [1] being the first to pick up the story [2].

Meanwhile, new comer Moju threw up a thread that got some discussion going [3], and although this as usual quickly degenerated in to trolling, a few commentors left some good links.

Thank you Advocate, for these [4] youtube [5] videos [6] which feature TV captures of some post blast footage.

Although I've summed up a little of my past experiences with bombs in this post [7] on my personal site,

The actual scene of an explosion is nothing like the glamorous setups you see in movies or on TV. There’s a lot more gore than cinema, and none of the music to keep you psyched. The smell of flesh and fear, entwined, inseparable. A stench that climbs up your nostrils and stays there, lodged between your nose and your mind.

most other Sri Lankan weblogs have been suprisingly quiet on the issue.