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Belarus: Alternative Student Resource

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Belarus, Education, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Politics, Protest, Youth

Iryna of TOL's Belarus Blog writes [1] about a Belarusian-language alternative online student resource – www.studenty.by [2]: “More than 10,000 people visited the web-site when the first cartoon about Vasilek, a freshmen university student who came to Miensk from a small village, was posted a couple of months ago (you can see it at http://studenty.by/news848.html [3]). A series of cartoons will show students’ life in Belarus disclosing its severe social and political problems. The second cartoon was expected to appear in March, but its production was delayed, since several of the creators were arrested and spent a couple of weeks in prison. Now the authors are re-writing some of the dialogs to include recent events and experience into a new episode.”